Quick change efficient multi-purpose lathe fixture

For the simple process of machining the end face, chamfering, and arc surface of the common pin, sleeve, tube and disc workpiece shown in Fig. 1, the outer circle is clamped by a three-jaw chuck on a common lathe. Due to the frequent loading and unloading, the workpiece has no reliable positioning

New ring clamp

The circlip pliers are a kind of pliers used for loading and unloading machinery, tools and accessories on the spring retaining ring. The same as the retaining ring after heat treatment, the elasticity is larger, especially the medium and large retaining ring has greater elasticity. When the retain

Selection of turning indexable inserts (middle)

5. Blade Size and Thickness The choice of various blade sizes is indicated by the diameter of the inscribed circle and the length of the blade. Generally, the size of the maximum back-feeding knife is selected. Taking the commonly used C-type blade as an example, the maximum back-feeding knife is b

Application of Pneumatic Measuring Instrument in Valve …

■Cylinders of diesel engines ■There are high requirements for valve sealing. ■Generally use the “kerosene leakage method” to detect: After the cylinder head parts are assembled, pour the appropriate amount of kerosene into the air vents and observe the inlet and exhaus

Digital display should pay attention to the problems in…

The inductive synchronizer digital display device is a digital displacement display device that uses an inductive synchronizer as a detecting component. Commonly used are SP13 (SF13B) and SF14 (SF14B) types. SF13B digital resolution is 5μm, SF14B digital resolution is 1μm, it is several times

Large forging die EDM

In the years of manufacturing practice, we have summarized the EDM process of the forging die as follows. First, the choice of electrode materials In the electrical processing, we used graphite, copper, cast iron and steel as electrode materials. The best effect on large forging dies is graphite. G