Insecticide application attention points

First, according to the characteristics of the climate and the law of day and night activities of pests, choose to apply the medicine at a favorable time. The time for applying the pesticide is preferably from 9:00 to 10:00 am and after 4:00 pm. Because after 9:00 am, the dew

Tips for the listing of shares issued before the initia…

1. The number of shares released before the initial public offering of Yu Diamond was 29.05 million shares, and the actual number of shares that could be listed for circulation was 28,897,000 shares;   2. The time for the release of the restricted shares to be listed for circulation is March 2

Firepower relies on "saving and using food" t…

In the case of rising coal prices and inconsistent on-grid tariffs, the losses of thermal power plants have become the norm in the industry. However, in the case of a shout, there are also thermal power companies that have made a profit against the trend. Is this kind of profit typical? Is it jus

Hotel smart lock features

The features of the intelligent door lock: Pengcheng Times electronic smart lock is based on the US TEMIC company's proximity card (contactless card) or the Dutch PHILIPS? Mifare1? proximity card (contactless card) as a key card, the card has read and write function and good encryption. It can