Safety seal and combination seal

Safety seal (1) The backup seal is in which the main seal is working and the sub-sealing is in the standby state. There are non-contact temporary seals and contact wear seals in the spare seal. When the former is in the main seal operation, the spare seal is temporarily placed, which is a non-con

Bathtub seven maintenance tips

Bathtubs used for a long time tend to show signs of decay, stains, and roughening. At this time, in order to reduce expenses, in order to avoid buying expensive bathtubs again, some engineering companies may be invited to perform bath refurbishment. Once the bathtub has been refurbished, with a bea

CNC cutting machine tool industry import and export vol…

According to customs statistics, in the first quarter of this year, China's machinery industry import and export totaled 135.076 billion US dollars, an increase of 39.6%. Among them, imports were 66.508 billion US dollars, up 47.01% year-on-year; exports were 68.568 billion US dollars, up 33.

Do not look to regret winter paint decoration must read

Due to the low temperature in winter, the air is dry and there are many wind and sand. The paint we use is composed of many kinds of chemical materials. Under the low temperature condition in winter, the properties of chemical materials will change, which will cause some influence on paint constru

Why does a large gap occur after the pavement of a mult…

Multi-layer solid wood composite floor in the number of floors in the deformation is the smallest, the deformation is only the solid wood flooring chord maximum deformation of 1 / 20 or so, after the pavement should not produce a larger gap. In general, the maximum expansion and contraction of a s

US soda production "money scene" is good

Business Club March 12th 2012 The US soda ash industry is expected to continue its strong momentum. Because both the domestic and export demand in the United States have grown, it is enough to sustain the recovery of production. In 2012, we estimate that the utilization rate of global soda