High-yield fertilization of potato

Applying the base fertilizer The fertilization of the potato is mainly based on the base fertilizer, which generally accounts for 70% to 80% of the total fertilization amount. The base fertilizer is often applied in combination with organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer, and is applied in

2015 Shenzhen Home Furnishings Show grand opening to de…

July 26, 2015, a four-day 5th Shenzhen International home accessories exhibition opened at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. As the only independent jewelry exhibition in the home decoration industry, this year's home decoration exhibition will be the most suc

Sink installation skills, co-ordination, worry-free

To say which home does not have a sink installed, Xiao Bian said that he couldn't understand it. Is it true that he never starts to work, isn't it necessary to wash it? Is it true that there are people with sinks who have deep experience, sink leaks, or water leaks? Because of its conv

Autumn cultivation technique of Artemisia selengensis

First, the variety selection Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright It is suitable to choose a variety of flavors, thick leaves, thick fiber, good quality, high yield, suitable for autumn planting. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyrig

How to choose wall paint color wall paint color selecti…

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Several misunderstandings of urea application

Urea has a nitrogen content of 46.6%. It is a high-quality chemical fertilizer. Urea has a long history and a large amount of use in agricultural production. However, some farmers' friends do not know much about the nature of urea. There are often many misunderstandings in the application p

A brief introduction to one of the physical cleaning me…

Physical cleaning is the use of different mechanical forces and energy to grind dirt, decompose and peel off the surface of the object to achieve cleaning effect. Compared with traditional water jet flushing, mechanical cleaning and chemical cleaning, high-pressure water jets have the following sig