Application of trace elements in pig feed

Trace elements are substances that are rarely needed but are indispensable in pig feed. Although they do not contain energy, they are also important components of the pig body. When the trace elements in the feed are insufficient, it will affect the normal physiological metabolism of the pig, causi

Overview of refractory casting methods

In the design of refractory materials, anode and cathode are alternately electrolyzed and sulfuric acid is used for pickling, and the structure of alternating cathode and anode is optimized. Special structure design is adopted to form alternating segmental yin and yang, which prevents the steel w

Chinese catering restaurant restaurant lighting lightin…

Chinese food culture has a long history, and the food culture is derived from its nourishment. The lighting of the Chinese restaurant and the taste of the diners have a subtle connection. Chinese food culture has a long history, and the food culture is derived from its nourishment. The lighting o

Carbide blade edge passivation technology can effective…

The cutting edge passivation technology of cemented carbide blades is a problem that has not been universally recognized, but is also very important. Passivated inserts increase blade edge strength, service life and stability during the cutting process. The edge of the blade after sharpening by or

Acid resistant tiles expensive expensive acid-resistant…

There are many types of tiles on the market, each of which is more or less different. Today's tiles to be introduced are acid-resistant tiles. Acid-resistant tiles You may not have heard of it. It is a ceramic tile that is used in a special environment and is often used in environments with a lo

Application of Wikoda intelligent servo on steel bar be…

Shenzhen Weikeda Technology Co., Ltd. cooperated with a domestic leading manufacturer of steel bar bending machine to jointly develop the domestic servo system of CNC steel bar bending machine. It lasted for one year and has successfully replaced imported servo. I. Introduction With the rapid de

Laptop battery structure

The battery has chemical substances with oxidizing properties inside, but the battery core inside the laptop battery case is sealed with chemical substances inside the battery core. As long as the battery core is not damaged, there will be no leakage of foreign materials. The laptop battery can be