Digital display should pay attention to the problems in…

The inductive synchronizer digital display device is a digital displacement display device that uses an inductive synchronizer as a detecting component. Commonly used are SP13 (SF13B) and SF14 (SF14B) types. SF13B digital resolution is 5μm, SF14B digital resolution is 1μm, it is several times

Large forging die EDM

In the years of manufacturing practice, we have summarized the EDM process of the forging die as follows. First, the choice of electrode materials In the electrical processing, we used graphite, copper, cast iron and steel as electrode materials. The best effect on large forging dies is graphite. G

3D parametric solid model of parts based on MDT

Parts of similar shape but not identical in size are often encountered in the manufacturing industry, such as bolts and nuts, keys, pins, springs, and serialized product parts in common standard parts. The two-dimensional design of these parts is now relatively mature. However, with the development

Retrieval and calculation of national standards for mac…

In the machinery manufacturing industry, some new national standards have been formulated since 1980. Most of these standards are based on ISO standards. The content is new and new. Enterprises generally feel that the work of checking and calculating is large and easy. An error has occurred. Some p

Cleverly change the slot combination tool holder

When we drill the drill shaft (Fig. 1), we use the frame type tool holder (Fig. 2). The adjustment is time-consuming and the effect is not good. Therefore, instead of assembling the tool holder (Fig. 3), the overall shape is much reduced. The washer 2 adopts an adjustable structure. For different s

Automatic washing machine water recycling device

Chain drive cleaning machine, the water storage tank is located on the ground, the water from the washing machine and the water brought out by the workpiece can not be recycled. In particular, cleaning long and large water-filled parts, the amount of cleaning water consumption per shift is up to 2/