Vacuum pump model classification and types Daquan

With the development of vacuum applications, vacuum pumps in today's society have become more and more rich. According to the survey, the pumping speed of vacuum pumps ranges from several tenths of a second to hundreds of thousands of liters per second and millions of liters. According to its w

Xi Jinping's first detailed description of China…

Abstract Yesterday morning, Chinese President Xi Jinping attended the APEC Business Leaders Summit and delivered a speech. In the speech, Xi Jinping publicly and comprehensively expounded the "new normal" of the Chinese economy. Xi Jinping believes that &l... Yesterday morning,

Waterproof brands fight against low quality

On the afternoon of November 1, 12 companies, including Beijing Jindun Building Materials Co., Ltd. and Beijing Oriental Yuhong Waterproofing Technology Co., Ltd., voluntarily formed the Beijing Construction Waterproof Industry Integrity Alliance to fight against low-quality products and purify the

Feeding healthy pigs with less antibiotics - three-step…

Feeding healthy animals with less antibiotics is a challenge for the future development of the European livestock industry. Consumers, retailers and administrative authorities are clearly issuing this information. In some countries, relevant measures have been implemented; in other countries, this

Some explanations for the matrix switcher

Everyone knows that matrix switchers are one of the most common devices in security engineering and intelligent conference projects, and they are the core devices for signal switching. But little is known about the terminology of the relevant parameters of the matrix. Let's briefly introduce th

Talking about the Use of Explosion Protection Distribut…

With the rapid development of industries such as petroleum, chemical industry, military industry, engineering, factories, mines, and mining, explosion-proof distribution boxes are used more and more widely in production, storage, and rescue. How to prevent accidental explosion of the explosion-proo

The rare earth "go higher" must add "mat…

The Pan-Asia Nonferrous Metals Exchange listed on October 31 rare earth oxides and antimony oxide. Once listed on the market, the 8.24 million yuan worth of antimony oxide and the 22.23 million yuan worth of antimony oxide are easily sold out in 5 seconds and 24 seconds. On that day, the m