ZCQ self-priming magnetic drive pump works

ZCQ self-priming magnetic drive pump has the advantages of compact structure, beautiful appearance, small volume, low noise, reliable operation and easy maintenance. At present, it is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, electroplating, printing and dyeing, Food, scientific research and other u

Stainless steel door and window maintenance method

In daily life, stainless steel doors and windows can be seen everywhere, but in the process of use, in order to extend the service life of stainless steel doors and windows, it needs to be carefully maintained. How to maintain the stainless steel doors and windows? Here are a

The principle of the arrangement of greenhouse vegetabl…

    The principle of planting crops and cornices in solar greenhouses is highly desirable and possible. The so-called possibility, first of all, the warm light conditions created by the built-in daylight greenhouse can meet the fertility requirements of certain crops in specific productio

Cabinet, are you right?

Today's kitchen is more than just a cooking space, it is also given a place to enjoy food and relax. When the kitchen space of a house has been fixed, we can only sit on the "appearance" of the cabinet. When we are visiting the building materials store, we often see and hear &quo

Al-Li alloy: the choice of new materials for modern air…

[China Aluminum] In recent days, the C919 aircraft's first aircraft, which has attracted widespread attention, has officially gone offline. However, the aluminum industry is more concerned with the material used in the C919 passenger aircraft, especially the third-generation aluminum-lithium al

Developing autumn carrot planting techniques

Field management carrots can be planted about 10 days after sowing. After the seedlings are out, choose sunny and windless days. It is best to remove the cover wheat straw or mulch film in the morning. In the cold, windy days, the cover is easy to "flash seedlings". Since the film cover t

Japan Noguchi company added additional screw for bed be…

Construction hardware fastener company Noguchi HD (ノグチHD) company's original brand "Artisan Screws" series has added a new product: "Bed beam screws (root too)." The product has low torque, easy insertion and reverse thread design under the hea