Aluminum metal material can be printed by 3D

A few days ago, Belgium's online 3D printing service platform i.materialise announced that it has added a new type of 3D printed metal material - aluminum. According to the company, aluminum is an ideal material for making lightweight and strong metal end use parts. Curren

How to distinguish whether there is a problem with the …

Electronic scales are an electronic scale that we use more and more widely. Everyone can't avoid problems when using electronic scales. Today we take a look at this article on how to distinguish whether there is a problem with the electronic scale circuit. Hope to be helpful to everyone. How t

Explosion-proof self-coupling decompression box with ex…

Explosion-proof self-coupling box is made of welded steel plate, equipped with auto-transformer, AC contactor, time relay, intermediate relay, thermal relay, current transformer, transfer switch fuse, voltmeter, ammeter, lights and so on. Explosion-proof self-coupling decompression box with overlo

Something about pressure spray dryers

Many people want to know some of the relevant knowledge of pressure spray dryers, because everyone knows about the dryer, but for the pressure spray dryer, this piece is still a bit vague, so here I have carefully arranged for the pressure spray drying for everyone. The machine 's working prin

Spray gun construction safety operation precautions

What are the precautions for the safe operation of the spray gun construction? Henan Hao Li sprayer manufacturers introduce some precautions for the operation of the spray gun. Users must pay special attention when using the spray gun to avoid dangerous things during the work process. 1. During the

Disc Spring Features Disc Spring Features

Belleville spring, also known as Belleville spring washer, was first invented by French J. Belleville more than 100 years ago. In the early 1930s, engineers (GM) Almen and Laszio developed theories and developed production, quality standards DIN 2092 and DIN 2093. These standards have been accepte

Installed without ceiling, you can first look at these …

Doing home without ceilings is a lot of decoration of the owners in the decoration before the problem has been tangled thinking, today Xiao Bian on the home for the installation of ceilings, give four suggestions. First, the ceiling installation needs to take into account the actual situation Some