Microbial fertilizer use methods and precautions

Microbial fertilizer can be used for seed dressing, soaking seeds, roots, base fertilizer, top dressing, ditch application or acupoint application.

The application method of microbial fertilizer is stricter than chemical fertilizer and organic fertilizer , so it is necessary to pay attention to: First, avoid using it for a long time after opening the bag. After the fertilizer is bought home, it should be applied to the ground as soon as possible. After opening the bag, try to use it once. After opening the package bag other bacteria may immersing the microflora changes occur, which affect the results. The second is to avoid use under high temperature and drought conditions. High temperatures and droughts can affect the survival and reproduction of microbial flora and do not allow fertilizers to perform their good functions. The third is to avoid mixing with unfertilized farmyard manure or over-fermented fertilizer. These two fertilizers can affect the normal function of microbial fertilizer due to temperature or pH. The fourth is to avoid using it with pesticides. Chemical pesticides inhibit the growth and reproduction of microorganisms to varying degrees and even kill microorganisms.

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