Three elements of the development of China's hardware industry

Our country's hardware products are still famous in the world, such as "Tiger" brand pliers, etc., are famous brand products of various countries. Although these products don’t look big, they don’t fit together. The global sales of hundreds of billions of dollars a year and basically stable should be a big “cake”. How do we work hard to make the hardware industry bigger and make it a protagonist in the world hardware sales arena, picking the big beam, as much as possible in this "cake", which is better and better. This is the hardware industry in China needs to work harder. The direction.

The three elements of the development of China's hardware industry:

Hardware is a big industry
When it comes to hardware, people immediately think of knives, scissors, wrenches, screwdrivers and household items such as pots and pans. They are always considered to be small hardware, which is a small industry that can't be small.

In fact, the hardware industry is not a small industry, the modern international hardware industry includes tool hardware, construction hardware, lock security, kitchen and bathroom products, daily hardware and DIY (do-it-yourself home furnishings) six areas, global annual trade The total amount is 600 billion US dollars. For China, this is a market with a very large export potential.

Throughout the history of China's hardware industry, after liberation, it started from the handicraft workshop, and gradually established a hardware industry based on state-owned, collective and other public-owned economic forms. Hardware products have basically achieved industrial production. Before the reform and opening up, there were more than 3,000 in the country. Home-based enterprises, some factories that produce pressure cookers have been quite large, but in general, China's hardware industry is still among the "small hardware" and "small commodities." After the reform and opening up, with the great development of the consumer goods industry, the hardware industry is also moving at a high speed. We have all the categories of the international hardware industry. The number of large and small enterprises in the country has reached 40 million, and Guangdong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang have become hardware products. Processing center.

In the process of expanding the new category of the hardware industry, there have been unclear issues. The hardware industry companies have developed and produced household kitchen range hoods, and the home appliance industry companies have begun to produce such products. The department believes that the range hoods belong to household appliances and should be managed by them. The competent department of hardware products does not agree. The two sides are not arguing, and they have to be cut by the then light industry office meeting. After discussion, a consensus was reached: since the range hood is the first to be produced by hardware companies, it is still managed by the hardware industry. This episode shows that the classification of the modern hardware industry by the Chinese light industry authorities was still vague, although it was "Joe is too defensive," but it was beaten.

Through continuous reform and industrial adjustment, the hardware industry has gradually grown and expanded. More than 95% of enterprises have become private enterprises through restructuring and restructuring, and they are full of vitality in the fierce market competition. Traditional hardware products are replaced by modern power tools, anti-theft locks, kitchen and stainless steel equipment. The hardware industry is growing at an annual rate of 15%, with an annual output value of 180 billion yuan and exports of 8 billion US dollars, which is higher than the home appliance industry. China's entire light industry exports account for about one-third of the country's total exports, and the hardware industry's exports rank among the top three in light industry. "Small" hardware has become a big climate.

Need to work hard on the international market
However, in the big market of the world, the proportion of Chinese hardware is very small. The fundamental reason is that our products are still very low in technical content. In recent years, the domestic construction industry has developed rapidly. High-end hotel hotels and houses require a large number of door and window hardware, faucets, pipeline connectors, stainless steel sinks, etc. Since most of the domestic products are not advanced enough, they have to be imported in large quantities.

In terms of windows, the way the windows are opened is completely determined by the hinges of the hardware. The domestic hinges are only suitable for horizontal push-pull. No matter whether it is ventilated or illuminated, it can not meet the needs of modern buildings. The page is basically imported; there are also small metal buttons and zippers, the domestic production is very large, but because it is not high-end and durable, it still has to import a lot every year.

In recent years, foreign countries have popularized DIY products. In some developed countries, even residential houses are bought back by consumers. Then, according to the instructions, they are installed by themselves, which makes the whole process full of joy. However, in addition to some furniture that can be installed by ourselves, it is rarely seen. It is no wonder that foreign home supermarkets such as “IKEA Home” that sell DIY products have moved to China, although the products are not high-end, but they are very popular.

The reason why Chinese hardware products can not play an important role in the international market, in addition to low product quality and low technical content, the lack of display stage is also an important reason. Although our hardware is not high-end, it is very practical and durable, and the price is very cheap, so even at the current level, we should be able to win a bigger market.

Chinese hardware products enter the world market, mainly through the annual participation in international hardware exhibitions held in Cologne, Germany and Chicago, USA. Hardware manufacturers all over the world are also trading through these two international hardware exhibitions. It can also be said that these two hardware exhibitions are the world's largest display stage and trade market for hardware. There are many companies exhibiting in China every year, but due to the limited booths, many companies can't go.

Build your own performance stage
China's hardware industry held its first "China Hardware International Exhibition" in Dongguan, Guangdong Province last year, which was very popular. On October 10, 2002, it held the "2002 China Hardware International Exhibition" in Shanghai and held "2002 China International". The kitchen and bathroom exhibition, the exhibition area of ​​this session has more than doubled, reaching 24,000 square meters, similar to the Chicago Hardware Show, more than 700 manufacturers have signed up for the exhibition. China's hardware industry is ambitious. It is necessary to make Shanghai International Hardware Show the third largest hardware exhibition in the world, making China the third largest trade center in the global hardware industry. The realization of this goal can be said to be in the chest.

With such a stage and trading market, China's hardware products will be more known to the world, and trading opportunities will be greatly increased. This will greatly promote the export of Chinese hardware products and increase the share of Chinese hardware products in the international market. However, this alone is not enough. We must accelerate the pace of technological innovation as soon as possible, increase the intensity of technological transformation, and encourage enterprises to optimize restructuring, establish some large groups with product renewal strength, and fundamentally change the image of China's low-grade hardware products. .

We must not be satisfied with the only advantage that is now based on the low price of labor. Only by realizing the upgrading of industrial products, the day of the international high-end hardware market, the Chinese hardware industry can say no, "small" Hardware has become a big climate.

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