Hotel smart lock features

The features of the intelligent door lock:

Pengcheng Times electronic smart lock is based on the US TEMIC company's proximity card (contactless card) or the Dutch PHILIPS? Mifare1? proximity card (contactless card) as a key card, the card has read and write function and good encryption. It can be operated in stand-alone mode or networked. It adopts precise mechatronic design and practical and perfect system functions. In the Pengcheng era electronic series intelligent door lock management system, based on the basic functions of the door lock, according to the actual management needs of the hotel and the development needs of the market, the door lock system is expanded into a set of fools with complete functions, simple operation and easy maintenance. The door lock management system makes your hotel management more advanced, easier, more labor-saving and safer...

The main functions of the intelligent door lock are:

1. Hierarchical management: Different levels of authority management, reflecting the star service style.
2. Time control: The hotel sensor lock has a real-time clock, which can effectively control the expiration date. For the expired guest card, it can be automatically terminated to avoid the user's arrears of rent.
3. Anti-lock function: When the guest enters the room, the anti-lock will be displayed. When the floor card and the guest card are opened, a red light will be displayed (except for emergency use emergency card), the waiter will not be able to open the door and disturb the hotel.
4. Suspension function: When the guest defaults on the rent, he can use the check-out card to terminate the use of the guest card at any time.
5. Open the door record: The sensor card door lock contains the information “black box”, which can record the history door record of the sensor lock (when and how the “person” opens the door), and use the data card or data machine to collect the query at any time.
6. Low-voltage indication: When the induction door lock power supply is lower than 3.8V, there will be a beating alarm sound when the door is opened, prompting the user to replace the battery.
7. Alarm function: When the door is not closed, the door lock will automatically alarm, prompting the customer to close the door.
8. Open door diagnosis: When opening the door with an expired card or a card other than the door, there will be different prompts to facilitate the inquiry of the reason why the door cannot be opened.
9. Anti-smashing function: The induction lock adopts a five-lock tongue linkage structure, and the lock tongues are all supernatural. When the door is closed, the anti-smashing tongue is stuck with a slanting tongue, and 100% refuses to open the door illegally.
10. Channel function: When an emergency occurs, the emergency card or office card can be used to put the induction door lock in the floor in the normally open state. It is convenient to enter and exit without the card, and it is more safe.
11. Double-open function: When the battery inside the sensor door lock has no power, you can use the mechanical key to open the sensor door lock.
12. Reporting loss function: When the door card is lost, the lost card can be invalidated, effectively solving the worries caused by the loss of the card.
13. One card: One card is used for sensing the door lock, power switch, parking lot, consumption and other fields, which is flexible and convenient.
14. Hours room: The proximity card can set the time to realize the function of the hour room.

The main features of the intelligent door lock:

1. Panel structure: Hotel induction lock is an integrated panel, using precision zinc alloy integrated manufacturing process, free of chip processing; surface treatment using the latest aerospace application technology - nanotechnology, with strong adhesion, not easy to fade, not easy to oxidize, etc. Ensure that the induction lock is more durable, impact-resistant and never loose. There is no exposed screw on the surface of the induction lock body, which is completely suitable for use in public environments, with stronger damage resistance and longer service life.
2. Free handle: The induction lock also uses the new "independent motor clutch design" technology. When the clutch is closed, the handle is stressed; when the clutch is disengaged, the handle is idling, the clutch is completely unstressed, and the handle is completely damaged to affect the internal structure of the door lock.
3. Multi-level key card function has clear powers and responsibilities: According to hotel management requirements, you can set emergency card, master control card, building control card, floor card, group control card and guest card.
Emergency card: The emergency card is generally held by the security department. All the door locks of the system can be opened. The rear door lock is opened in a long open state (the long open state will be cancelled after opening the door with the ordinary opening card). The emergency card is not subject to time and time. The limit of anti-locking.
Master control card: The total control card is generally held by the general manager. It can open all the door locks of the system. The total control card is not limited by time and time, but can not open the unlocked door lock.
Building Control Card: Used to open all unlocked door locks of a building at a specified time and time. Usually equipped by the manager.
Floor card: All door locks that are used to unlock a certain floor at a specified time and time, usually by the waiter.
Group control card: It is used to open all the locks of the group or groups in the specified time and time period. The cleaning personnel can open the rooms on the corresponding floor of the hotel during the set cleaning time.
Guest Card: You can open your own room during the effective housing time.
4. Beautifully printed cards help to enhance and promote the hotel's image: the card can print the name of the hotel, telephone, slogan, etc., to help improve and promote the hotel image.
5. The software is easy to use. The hotel's sensor lock software has perfect functions and easy operation. It completely simulates the operation and management of the hotel front desk. It can handle a series of perfect reservations, such as reservation, check-in, room renewal, room change, key card loss, check-out, etc. Business, room information, check-in information, cashier status, system operation records and other information queries and the generation and printing of various reports make it easier for hoteliers to grasp the hotel's operating conditions. The icon clearly shows the status of the room (vacancy, booking, check-in, maintenance, etc.), allowing you to make a clear decision on housing status at a glance. No matter whether your attendant has ever been in contact with a computer or not, regardless of the level of your attendant's education, the simplicity of the hotel's sensor lock software will make your waiter operate freely, and you can complete all the heavy business.

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