German scientists find that rotten fruit can be transformed into clean fuel

German scientists find that rotten fruit can be transformed into clean fuel

According to UPI reports, German scientists have discovered that decayed fruits can be used not only for composting as people have traditionally recognized, but also to become fuel and fuel.

Researchers at the Institute of Biotechnology, which studies the matter, have found a way to extract methane from expired rotten fruits that are discarded in vegetable wholesale markets, university cafeterias, and other places.

According to news released by the agency, the methane extracted from these decayed fruits through special fermentation can be compressed into high-pressure cylinders and used as fuel.

The researchers said that this year the institute will select a wholesale market in Stuttgart, Germany as a pilot. "Rotten fruit contains a lot of water and at the same time has a very low cellulose content, so it is very suitable for rapid fermentation."

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