China's electric vehicles will celebrate the first industrialization climax in 2015

Ouyang Minggao member said: China's new energy vehicles may usher in the first industrialization climax in 2015

Ouyang Minggao, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and the chief expert group of the 863 Program Energy Conservation and New Energy Vehicle Major Project, said on the 5th that the sales volume of China's new energy vehicles is expected to reach about 1% of the total sales volume of similar models by 2015, ushing in the first place. Wave industrialization climax.

Ouyang Minggao said: "At that time, the sales of pure electric-powered new energy vehicles are expected to be 200,000 to 250,000 units. With the addition of various new energy passenger vehicles, including hybrid power, the market share is expected to exceed 1%. Threshold, this indicator will bring confidence to the market, stimulate the investment of manufacturers, and then enter the growth period of new energy vehicles."

Ouyang Minggao believes that China's new energy vehicles are in the midst of the industrialization development, from the development of research and development to the real industrialization.

"Whether it is our own brand or a joint venture, there should be some production models coming out from 2013 to 2015. SAIC will launch a production model this year, and Dongfeng's production models have already started production. "He said.

Ouyang Minggao pointed out that even so, China's new energy vehicles will enter the commercial stage until 2020.

Ouyang Minggao reminds manufacturers and consumers to objectively understand the development law of new energy vehicles and avoid simply pursuing volume and price.

“The changes brought about by new energy vehicles are all-round, including the concept of our consumption, because we need a more environmentally friendly way of travel, but its own development requires a process, manufacturers and consumers must be patient,” he said.

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