Why does a large gap occur after the pavement of a multi-layer solid wood composite floor?

Multi-layer solid wood composite floor in the number of floors in the deformation is the smallest, the deformation is only the solid wood flooring chord maximum deformation of 1 / 20 or so, after the pavement should not produce a larger gap. In general, the maximum expansion and contraction of a single 125mm wide floor in the northern region will not exceed 0.2mm.

After correct pavement, the actual moisture content of the floorboards in the northern areas in the summer is 12% to 13%, the dry and hot environment in winter (air relative humidity is about 30%), and the floor moisture content is 6% to 7%. In the geothermal environment, the final equilibrium moisture content of the floor is 4% to 5%. In other words, the moisture content of the floor covering after the summer (in the rainy season) should reach 12% to 13%, and the floor is in the largest physical state.

If the floor is glued and floated, the floor of the room is formed as a whole. When the moisture content changes, the floor of the room expands and contracts. At this time, if the room is symmetrically placed on both sides of heavy furniture. When the winter comes, the room is relatively dry, the floor will inevitably shrink, due to the weight of both sides of the pressure, will inevitably cause the individual room in the middle of the room to pull open, the cumulative shrinkage is concentrated in one or several gaps, resulting in a larger floor Gap. If the floor is not glued, 3 to 4m wide standard room, under the geothermal environment, the room floor shrinkage less than 5mm, the maximum shrinkage of each floor within 0.2mm, with the naked eye is difficult to see. No glue is used for maintenance, and the gap can be evenly distributed. To prevent the floor from flapping, springs can be used between the floor and the wall. No matter how the furniture is placed.

In addition, although the deformation of the multi-layer engineered wood flooring is small, the structure determines the length and width direction of the multi-layer parquet flooring. In general, the floor length is more than 8 times the width. Under the same conditions, the deformation in the length direction is also the width. The multiple relationship of deformation, therefore, multi-layer solid wood floor than the side gap is also normal.

Based on years of experience in floor identification and acceptance of complaints, the author believes that:

In the case of geothermal or electric heating, due to the large range of changes in the moisture content of summer and winter floors, if the multi-layer wood composite floor is glued and suspended, the furniture and weights are placed symmetrically, and the floor cannot move freely. There will be several large gaps (the amount of shrinkage is concentrated to several gaps).

If the multi-layer engineered wood flooring is a glue-suspended floating pavement, the method to prevent the occurrence of a large gap is:

1, the weight of the room is best placed on the side of the room;

2, humidifier humidifier in winter, it is best to adjust the indoor air humidity to 50% to 60%, reducing the range of indoor equilibrium moisture content.

It is possible to choose a floating paving without glue on the side of the floor, and the side is covered with a spring to ensure that the floor does not move to the edges and evenly distribute the gap. And in the end of the floor seam glue, try to reduce and avoid a single floor length (single floor) in the direction of weight placed symmetrically, to ensure the free movement of the floor length, reduce the chance of the end of the gap. Once the end of the gap, due to the side without glue, frictional resistance, you can use the tensioner on both ends of the single floor, the joints of the floor of the head is tightened, eliminating the end of the gap, easy maintenance.

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