Do not look to regret winter paint decoration must read

Due to the low temperature in winter, the air is dry and there are many wind and sand. The paint we use is composed of many kinds of chemical materials. Under the low temperature condition in winter, the properties of chemical materials will change, which will cause some influence on paint construction. Therefore, the following matters should be noted when home decoration construction paint: 1. Use low-moisture sheet, the general sheet moisture content should be below 12%, as much as 10% or less. Buy a good plate to be well protected, do not cause moisture content increase caused by moisture, good condition before the construction of the drying treatment. Avoid whitening, cracking, etc. due to the moisture problem of the plate after renovation. 2. When using paints, pay attention to the difference between winter products and summer products. Due to the temperature difference, in order to facilitate the construction of the coating and improve the quality of the film, the products for summer use will be slower and the winter products will adjust slightly faster. Therefore, summer products should not be used in the winter, otherwise, they will suffer from paint film defects such as biting the bottom due to slow drying. 3. Should use the company's matching curing agent, thinner, otherwise it will cause poor film defects. 4. Strictly follow the ratio of the paint and curing agent provided on the label. Do not arbitrarily add less or more curing agent. Otherwise, it will cause defects such as biting or cracking. When equipped with paint, it should be stirred evenly, filtered with a 200 mesh filter cloth, and then defoamed after standing for 15 minutes. 5. Can not add driers and other chemical auxiliaries at will because of personal point of view, otherwise it will cause film defects such as cracking. 6. When the paint is applied, the construction temperature should not be less than 5 degrees Celsius and the humidity should not be greater than 85%. 7. It is forbidden for each layer to be dry and not properly polished, that is, it is easy to cause biting or falling off. 8. In winter, the temperature is low, the paint surface is dry for a long time, and the surface of the paint film is exposed to the outside air for a relatively long time. The dust particles in the air are likely to adhere to the surface of the paint film and form particles (more noticeable when the air is dry). Therefore, for better paint film effect, please pay attention to the cleanliness of the environment before painting. 9. It is forbidden to apply a thick coating once, otherwise it will cause defects such as biting, whitening, cracking, pinholes, and bubbles. 10. It is not advisable to store the paint for a long time. The longer the time, the more the gloss will decline. 11. The viscosity of the paint changes with temperature. When the temperature is low, the viscosity will increase a lot. This will lead to an increase in the amount of thinner, and the gloss and fullness of the paint will decrease.

In the winter decoration, painting the paint or paint should pay attention to the construction conditions and construction process.
Construction sequence:
1. Remove dust and dirt on the surface of wooden products and lines (wood base). 2. Trimming the burrs on the surface of the wood substrate, lifting the flaws, etc., and polishing with a sand leather to make the corners neat. 3. Use oily putty (or transparent putty) to scrape, polish, refill and putty after putty (when using varnish, first make up brown eyes, nail holes, and do local color repair work). 4. Apply the paint over the first pass, refill the putty, remove the surface dust after polishing. 5. Apply the second pass of the paint. After polishing, remove the surface dust and perform water milling with the sand skin to repair the hanging oil. 6. Apply the third pass of paint until the desired result is achieved. Construction methods: brush, roller, and spray have different lengths, and they should be taken separately. The roller coating is suitable for large-area construction and is more efficient than brushing, but it will have a fish-like skin effect. This method of construction is unpopular for those who do not like pockmarks. Moreover, roller coating costs nearly 20% more material than brushing, artificially increasing the cost. Brush painting is manual brushing and is a commonly used construction method. The advantage of the brush coating method is that it saves paint, the tool is simple, the construction is convenient, it is easy to grasp, the flexibility is strong and the adaptability to the paint variety is also strong, and it can be used for general paints.

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