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What is a fire scene to save people? Firefield rescue means that firefighters use various firefighting equipment and firefighting techniques and tactics to evacuate and rescue people who are threatened by fire or other dangers in a fire field to a safe area, or to prevent casualties by improving the living conditions of trapped persons. action.

First, the fire is relatively large. The frontal attack is difficult to extinguish in a short period of time and the fire is applied at the end of the fire. The deployment of fire-fighting power should start from the sides, back, front and attention to the upper fortification. The main forces should be deployed on both sides and behind to intercept the fire and prevent the spread and expansion. The front side of the fire should, in principle, be used as a smoke exhaust and heat exhausting port. However, considering the mood of the surrounding people, we should also deploy 1-2 measures to stabilize the people’s hearts. Water guns on the front of the fire. The front squirt is best to shoot in or take shots in the water. Do not shoot directly into the interior. It will hinder the exhaust, heat discharge and bring difficulty to the internal attackers. Immediately after the open fire, the front water gun should be closed. After the fire passes through the ceiling, it should be used as a smoke exhaust and heat exhausting port, but the force to prevent flying fire should be deployed at the top of the tunnel, especially in the windy days, to prevent flying fire from igniting adjacent buildings, but it is also necessary to avoid Draw water from the top to prevent the spread of fire through the pressure, increase the difficulty of in-house personnel, and extend the time for extinguishing the fire. The third is that when the attacking forces on both sides and behind meet up with stuffy roofs or roofs made of planks, they must demolish stuffy roofs and roofs in time to prevent the fire from spreading through the boring roof or horizontal spread through the planks. Mushrooms and roofs must be advanced.

Second, the fire is small. When the front water can be effectively extinguished in a short period of time, in order to fight for the timing of fire extinguishing, and in the case that the fire floor is not high, the commander can order direct fire extinguishing and timely organize the force to enter the internal attack from the inner staircase. Melee. Practice has shown that the use of a powerful in-stairs attack can effectively extinguish the fire for the initial fire.

Resolutely implement the guiding principle of "saving people first." Adhere to the principle of dangerous first. According to the different levels of threats from firemen, trapped persons will be the first to rescue the trapped persons who are the most threatened and most dangerous to the fire; the principle of saving the safety of the majority shall be adhered to. Under the condition that the threat level of fire is basically the same, priority shall be given to salvaging the personnel of trapped personnel in many situations; adhere to the principle of self-rescue. When there are trapped people on several floors and the firepower is not enough, there is no time to rescue them. In principle, only ladder traps, ropes, and other escape tools are provided to trapped persons at lower levels, and the main forces are to concentrate trapped persons at higher levels of the rescue.

When there are clearly trapped targets, the basic idea of ​​deploying rescue and extinguishing power is usually when the commander arrives at the fire. From the outside, the trapped person can be found, and when he hears a cries for help or knows that someone is trapped somewhere, At that time, we should focus on saving people. Commanders must correctly and flexibly handle the relationship between saving people and fighting fires.
More knowledge of fire safety is available at the China Rescue Equipment Network.

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