The difference between explosion-proof lighting and non-explosion-proof lamps

Explosion-proof lighting is a kind of lighting fixture with explosion-proof performance, with the sign of Ex. The sealing performance of explosion-proof lamps and lanterns, take further protective measures on the structure, etc., the state has certain requirements for explosion-proof lamps. Non-explosion-proof lamps have no more than one requirement.

1. Explosion-proof lighting explosion-proof categories, levels and temperature groups see national standards.

2. According to explosion-proof type, it can be divided into five main types: explosion-proof, increased safety, positive pressure, no spark and dust explosion proof. It can also be combined with other explosion-proof types and the above explosion-proof types. Special type.

3. According to the type of protection against electric shock can be divided into I, II, III category. The protection against electric shock is to prevent the explosion-proof lamp housing from being easily touched and the parts are electrified, so that the human body is exposed to electric shock or conductors with different potentials to generate electric sparks and ignite the explosive mixture.

AI class—On the basis of basic insulation, accessible conductive parts that are not energized during normal operation are connected to the protective ground conductor in the fixed line.

Class BII - Use double insulation or reinforced insulation as a safety measure without grounding protection.

Class CIII - Use a safe voltage with an effective value of not more than 50V, and no voltage above it will be generated.

Category D0 - only rely on basic insulation as a safety protection measure.

Most of the explosion-proof lamps and lanterns are protected against electric shock and they are Class I and only a few are Type II and Type III lamps. For example: all plastic explosion-proof lamps, explosion-proof flashlight Jane.

4. Classification according to the protection level of the enclosure: In order to protect the dust, solid foreign matter and water from entering the lamp cavity, it may touch or accumulate on the live parts and cause flashover, short circuit or damage to the electrical insulation. Protect the role of electrical insulation. The characteristic letter “IP” followed by two digits is used to characterize its enclosure protection level. The first number indicates the protection against humans, solid objects or dust. Divided into 0-6 levels. Explosion-proof lamps are sealed lamps. Their dust-proof capacity is at least 4 levels. The second number represents the protection against water and is divided into 0-8 grades.

5. According to the lighting design of the support surface material classification: Indoor explosion-proof lighting may be installed on the surface of many ordinary combustible materials, such as wooden walls and ceilings, they do not allow explosion-proof lighting installation surface temperature exceeds the safety value. According to whether explosion-proof lamps can be installed directly on the surface of ordinary combustible materials, they can be classified into two categories.

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