ALSCON Closes Aluminum Smelter to Control Losses

The Aluminum Smelter Company of Nigeria (ALSCON), the Nigerian aluminum smelter, stated that the company’s management is planning to take measures to reduce losses. The company has suspended the production of aluminum smelters. Stanislav Kruglyashov, general manager of ALSCON, said that the company has taken these measures, mainly considering the current global aluminum industry crisis, the further disruption of gas supply and the completion of the ALSCON national grid project. The company hopes to further reduce the wage burden and will reduce some of its employees. Kruglyashov said that the company will give affected employees higher compensation than national laws.

As part of RUSAL, ALSCON has been established in Nigeria for seven years, during which ALSCON also proved that they are a conscience company. RUSAL actively invests in the development of ALSCON. ALSCON is committed to implementing various programs to help improve local living standards, including various medical education programs.

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