Analysis on Coal Cluster Particle Boiler Combustion

The differences in the morphology of coal water slurry and coal ash-like particles are mainly due to the different conditions of coal-water slurry combustion and pulverized coal combustion:

(1) Pulverized coal is a single particle combustion, when the combustion is complete, the ash melts and condenses into neat spherical particles as the temperature drops to form floating beads and microbeads; non-spherical particles, mainly unburnt coal particles , Unburned charcoal, little unburned charcoal, indicating that the combustion is complete.

(2) Coal water slurry is a particle group combustion. During the combustion process, the formed particles are porous and hollow due to evaporation or volatilization of water. Among them, there is a hole, it can be considered that the smaller droplets in the higher radiation flow, the volatile gas rapidly expands by heat, and comes out from the inside and burn, due to expansion to produce one or more holes, and some particles are hollow, Some of the particles were split into several pieces. The size of the holes was related to the burning condition. Without pores, the larger particles were considered to be in the low-radiation flow and kept in their original shape and gradually contracted. Clusters; there are some sponge-like porous large particles, mainly formed by unburned charcoal and ash.

Regardless of coal ash or coal slurry ash, the particles include beads, beads, unburned charcoal and various particles formed after combustion. The specific resistance of microbeads and floating beads is large; and for every 10% increase in carbon content, the specific resistance is at least reduced to 1%. Therefore, the amount of unburned carbon in the ash sample, and the content of the bead and bead can qualitatively reflect the specific resistance of the ash-like resistivity that affects the electrostatic precipitator efficiency. The more unburned carbon content, the smaller the content of floating beads and microbeads, the lower the specific resistance, the better the electrostatic precipitator characteristics; conversely, the less the unburned carbon content, the more the content of floating beads and microbeads and the higher the specific resistance, the electrostatic precipitator. The worse the characteristics.

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