Merchant suggestion: the best size of the door before buying furniture

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According to Jiuzheng Building Materials Network, most of the decoration owners now like to purchase large pieces of furniture in advance. The industry mainly considers not only the suitability of these large items at home, but also whether it can be imported after the hard work is completed. Got home. If the owner looks at the favorite furniture, in addition to measuring the size himself, the salesperson can be asked to accompany the door to measure. Professionals will consider the size of the handling lanes and furniture so that they can avoid the embarrassing situation of furniture moving into the door. A furniture company staff said: "If the door of the building or the elevator door and the entrance door of the home is not big, then when buying furniture, try to consider the assembly or small furniture."

Hook Bolt Mortise Lock

Steel Deadlocking Hook Bolt Mortise Lock is one of the most Durable door hardware pieces you can buy. It is made to last and manufactured at our high tech ISO 9000 certified facilityGreat Finish & Construction on this Steel Deadlocking Hook Bolt Mortise Lock BacksetImprove the look and function of your home or office with our commercial grade quality door and window hardwareWe are confident we have the best value door hardware, sliding door hardware, external and internal door hardware on the market

Conforms to the requirements of EN12209-3

After the latch locked by key, the handle can not operated anymore

Suitable for pull gate or steel door

Large range of cylinders  conforming to EN1303 with various  features.  
The KA and MK/GMK are available

Hook Bolt Mortise Lock

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