Shenzhen Superhard Materials Industry Conference: Innovation changes corporate technology to the future

At 9:00 am on April 9, 2014, the National Superhard Materials Conference hosted by Hunan Superhard Materials Association was officially held at Zhuyuan Hotel, Dongmen North Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen. Yu Ming, Secretary-General of Hunan Superhard Materials Association, Professor Wang Guangzu from Zhengzhou Abrasives Grinding Research Institute, Prof. Fang Xiaohu from Shanghai Qishi Superhard Materials Co., Ltd., Liu Xuehong, General Manager of Shandong Tiangong Geotechnical Equipment Co., Ltd., Hunan Boyun Oriental Powder Li Yuxia, Executive Director of Metallurgical Co., Ltd., Liu Xuhui, General Manager of Zhuhai Juhai Technology Co., Ltd., Zhou Jianhua, General Manager of Changsha Zhongnan Kaida Powder Metallurgy Co., Ltd., and Li Shangyu, General Manager of Shenzhen Haiming Run Industrial Co., Ltd., and other experts and experts. Representatives from various enterprises attended the meeting and the total number of participants was more than 150.

The meeting was kicked off by Liu Xuhui, general manager of Zhuhai Juhai Technology Co., Ltd., and Liu Xuehong, general manager of Shandong Tiangong Geotechnical Equipment Co., Ltd., and then the conference host and secretary general of Hunan Superhard Materials Association瞿Ming published a speech on the theme of “Innovation changes the enterprise, technology leads to the future”.

In the report, Secretary General Yu Ming emphasized that the transformation and upgrading of enterprises is the need of development at home and abroad. Today's society is the era of global economy. The products and equipment of super-hard enterprises should be considered for global use and realize the transformation of Chinese manufacturing to China. . He analyzed that at present, the three major problems of rising labor costs, rising raw material prices, and financial difficulties are the reasons for the low efficiency of enterprises, which further leads to the fact that pyrophyllite and nail hammer have become two major problems in the synthesis process of superhard materials.

In response to the problems in the super-hard materials industry, the Secretary-General pointed out that in order to ensure quality and improve production, the diamond industry must require enterprises to transform and upgrade, improve the technological content of products, establish their own brands, and adapt to the market development. He also believes that enterprises can start from two aspects: first, emancipate the mind, change the concept, and become more sophisticated; second, use high technology to transform traditional industries and upgrade traditional industries.

As for the future development trend of the industry, Secretary General Yu Ming analyzed that enterprises should adjust their structure, transformation, upgrading and innovation to superhard material products tools, composite materials, high-tech industries (such as solar photovoltaic industry, thermal management materials, nano-diamonds). )development of. Secretary-General Yu Ming believes that the current world economic changes are impermanent, domestic and international market competition incentives, energy conservation and emission reduction, and the development of a green economy are major tasks facing China, which is a severe test for every enterprise. Enterprise leaders should further emancipate their minds, change their concepts, produce high value-added products with innovative spirit, analyze the domestic and international market demand laws with the scientific development concept, grasp the market turn, seize market opportunities, strengthen confidence, and overcome difficulties.

Subsequently, Professor Fang Xiaohu, a superhard material expert, Professor Wan Long from the Materials College of Hunan University, Zhou Jianhua, general manager of Changsha Zhongnan Kaida Powder Metallurgy Co., Ltd., Yang Zhiwei, senior engineer of Beijing Antai Technology Co., Ltd., and Zhang Zhan, chairman of Shenzhen Saip Diamond Technology Co., Ltd. Mr. Duan Duanzhi, engineer of Suzhou Nanhang Tenglong Technology Co., Ltd., Professor Dong Shushan, National Key Laboratory of Superhard Materials of Jilin University, and other national experts and representatives of superhard materials and related fields respectively focus on “hard alloys for high strength and toughness special coarse grain mining tools”. The speeches were made on topics such as “Research and application of water atomized prealloyed powders for ultra-hard materials” and existing problems”. The report contained a high amount of gold, and almost every report caused a heated discussion at the conference. The audience also expressed a lot of benefits, and they have a deeper understanding of the current status and future trends in the field of super-hard materials and products.

At four o'clock in the afternoon, the meeting was successfully concluded. After the meeting, the participants will travel to Taiwan for an eight-day visit.

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