Automotive plastic glass into the focus of industry attention

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Automotive plastic glass has been mentioned in recent years. In terms of marketization, many car companies are conservative, but they can't resist the temptation of lightweighting and energy-saving and emission reduction effects. Together with raw material suppliers, they will find solutions. Good products and technologies are used on your own models. The combination of SAIC E50 and Evonik's PLEXIGLAS materials is one example.

At the 2014 Chinaplas, the reporter saw that the SAIC E50 was placed at the Evonik booth, which attracted many visitors. According to the staff, the rear window and fixed triangular window of this car are made of Evonik's proud PLEXEL plastic. The excellent texture and perfect curve are completely integrated with the exquisite elegance of the E50.


Vehicle designers have been trying to achieve extraordinary design effects by using curves or weighting edges while improving aerodynamic performance. In this respect, PLEXGLAS granule automotive plastic glass offers almost unlimited possibilities for designers. Compared to general glass, this material is more freely moldable by injection molding and all other thermoforming processes, and is easier to assemble. Therefore, it is possible to finally form a highly curved or angularly protruding shape. In addition, the parts design industry for PLEXIGLAS materials incorporating several functions is quite attractive (for example, the non-movable fixed triangle window contains a black pillar trim assembly and a taillight integrated device that is fascinating). Integrated components like this have a more appealing look than individual parts. At the same time, functional integration helps reduce installation steps and they also reduce weight. Compared with ordinary window glass, PLEXIGLAS automotive plastic glass is about 40%-50% lighter, but it is also durable. The lighter window weight helps drive: it lowers the center of gravity of the vehicle, so the vehicle has better road handling. The lower center of gravity also prevents mechanical vehicles from overturning on rough terrain.

reduce weight

Most importantly, reducing vehicle weight can save fuel and reduce environmental pollution. This is also the reason why lightweight construction is becoming more and more important for cars using internal combustion engines. And it's even more critical for the growing electric vehicle market, Thomas Wessel Michael Tr, Senior Vice President, Epoxy Acrylic Polymers Business Unit? Xler said this. In addition to reducing weight, PLEXIGLAS? PLEXIGLAS? Automotive plastic glass also has far-reaching environmental benefits. Compared to other glass materials such as laminated safety glass and tempered safety glass, PLEXIGLAS? PLEXIGLAS? The life cycle assessment results are better. The assessment of the life cycle involves energy consumption and CO2 emissions per kilogram of material during production, vehicle use and recycling.

Given PLEXIGLAS? PLEXIGLAS? Automotive plastic glass has great potential in vehicle construction. We are expanding two development lines to provide our customers with the widest range of options possible, Tr? Xler said. So, at PLEXIGLAS? PLEXIGLAS? On the basis of this, Evonik is working hard to develop single-layer and multi-layer systems. A variety of single-layer systems with scratch-resistant hard coatings for side window glass, rear window glass and skylights are ECE R 43 certified and have been used in a variety of prototypes, with the exception of the SAIC Roewe E50. In the modern ioniq concept car and the electric concept car microMAX made by the Swiss think tank Linsbide, all the windows are made of PLEXIGLAS? PLEXIGLAS? Made of automotive plastic glass material.

These concept cars are just a few examples of huge automotive innovation drivers. We are systematically advancing our research and development in this field to meet the needs of car manufacturers, L? According to ffler, in 2014, Evonik is in the process of applying a new type of impact-modified molding material to plastic glass. This will increase the flexibility of the process selection from current thermoforming to injection molding and compression molding. For PLEXIGLAS? PLEXIGLAS? The development of automotive plastic glass is undoubtedly an important milestone.

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