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Bearing information

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Roller bearing ferrule and roll body; one side repeatedly accepts high touch pressure; one side carries a rollover touch with the slide. The holder is on one side with the ferrule and the roll body; or one of the sides slides the touch; one side receives the tension and compression Therefore, the ferrule of the bearing; the information, function and primary requirements of the rolling body and the holding frame are as follows.
The functions required for the ferrule and roll data:
Rolling Fatigue Strength, High Hardness, High Wear Resistance, High Wear Resistance, Strong Functionality, Good Stability, and High Mechanical Strength. Also requires good processability. It is not used according to its use. It also needs impact resistance, heat resistance and resistance. Corrosive.
Information on ferrules and rollovers:
Ferrules and tumbling bodies are usually made of high-carbon chrome bearing steel. Most of the bearings; the use of SUJ2.SUJ2 chemical components in the JJ steel. The large-sized bearings use the chemical composition of the SUJ3.SUJ2 in the world; as a bearing material has been standardized. For example: It is the same kind of steel as AISL52100 (USA), DIN100Cr6 (West Germany), BS535A99 (UK), etc. Professional professor points out: in the case of further demand for impact resistance; use of chrome steel, chrome molybdenum steel, nickel chrome molybdenum steel as bearing data Use quenching and quenching; make the steel have a hardened layer from the appearance to the proper depth. The carburizing bearing with proper hardening depth, fine arrangement, suitable hardness appearance and core hardness; excellent in bearing than bearing steel Impact resistance; the chemical composition of steel for normal carburizing bearings.
NSK implemented vacuum degassing treatment; therefore; the data used were high in cleanliness, low in oxygen content, and good in quality. The appropriate heat treatment was selected; the life of the rolling tumbling of the bearing was significantly improved.
In addition to the above steel grades; based on special use; also use high-speed steel with excellent heat resistance; stainless steel with good corrosion resistance.
Persistence information:
Stamping the data of the frame; using low-carbon steel. It is not the same as the use; it also uses brass plate, stainless steel plate. Cut the data of the frame; use high-strength brass, carbon steel; also use synthetic resin.
Cylindrical roller bearing cylindrical roller and track are line touch; radial load can be large; that is suitable for receiving heavy load and impact load; also suitable for high-speed rotation N-type and NU-type can be moved axially; can be used to thermal expansion or The change of the relative orientation of the shaft and the casing caused by the equipment error; the most suitable for the free end bearing NJ type and NF type can accept a certain degree of unidirectional axial load; NH type and NUP type can accept a certain degree of bidirectional axial load The ring or outer ring can be separated; it is easy to assemble and disassemble NNU type and NN type with strong rigidity against radial load; most of them are used for the first applicable frame of machine tool spindle:
Steel plate stamping holder (Z-shaped), copper alloy cutting frame, pin-type frame, synthetic resin forming frame for primary use:
Medium and large motors, generators, internal combustion engines, gas turbines, machine tool spindles, deceleration equipment, loading and unloading transfer machinery, all kinds of industrial machinery, solid needle bearings, the inner layout of the inner ring bearing is the same as the NU type cylindrical roller bearing; but because The needle roller is used; the volume can be reduced. 15. The sand 惺艽缶 蚋 蚋 晌 晌 晌 谌χ岢 谌χ岢 谌χ岢 鲜 鲜 鲜 鲜 鲜 群 群 群 群 群 群 群 群 媸褂 媸褂 媸褂 媸褂 媸褂 媸褂 媸褂 媸褂 媸褂 媸褂
The main use of steel stamping adhere to the frame:
Automobile engine, transmission, pump, excavator track wheel, hoist, bridge crane, compressor tapered roller bearing. This type of bearing is equipped with a truncated cone roller; the roller is guided by the inner ring with large ribs to make the inner ring The one-row bearing of the raceway surface, the outer ring raceway surface and the roller tumbling surface of each conical surface intersecting the bearing intermediate line can accept radial load and one-way axial load; double-row bearing can accept radial load The two-way axial load is suitable for accepting heavy load and impact load according to the touch chest (α); it is divided into three types: small cone angle, medium cone angle and large cone angle; the larger the touch angle, the more the axial load can be. Large outer ring and inner components (inner ring and roller and holder assembly) can be separated; easy to assemble and disassemble; rear bearing code "J" or "JR" bearing has world interchangeability. The first applicable shelf for the product:
The main use of steel plate stamping frame, synthetic resin forming frame and pin type holder:
Automobiles: front wheel, rear wheel, transmission, differential pinion shaft. Machine tool spindle, construction machinery, large agricultural machinery, railway vehicle gear reduction equipment, rolling mill roll neck and reduction gear spherical roller bearing. Spherical roller is arranged between the outer ring of the raceway and the inner ring of the double raceway; it is different according to the internal layout; it is divided into four types of R, RH, RHA and SR; because the middle of the arc of the outer ring raceway is common with the bearing; The self-aligning function; thus, it can actively adjust the axial load caused by the deflection or the different core of the shaft or the shaft to accept the radial load and the two-way axial load. Especially the radial load can be large; suitable for accepting heavy load and impact Load tapered bore bearings can be used with the following two types of taper holes on the shaft (taper) by using fasteners or withdrawal sleeves:
1:30 (auxiliary code: K30)...Applicable to 240,241 series 1:12 (auxiliary code: K).........Applicable to other series of outer ring can open oil hole, oil groove and positioning pin hole (1). The inner ring can also be equipped with oil holes and oil grooves.
Copper alloy cutting and holding frame, steel plate stamping frame, pin-type frame, synthetic resin forming frame for primary use:
Paper machine, deceleration equipment, railway vehicle axle, rolling mill gear box seat, rolling mill roller table, crusher, vibrating screen, printing machinery, woodworking machinery, various industrial speed reducers, vertical belt-mounted self-aligning bearing thrust ball bearings The raceway ring with the raceway of the raceway with the raceway and the ball and the bracket assembly is called the axle ring; the raceway ring cooperated with the outer casing is called the raceway. The two-way bearing will cooperate with the middle axle. One-way bearings can accept one-way axial loads; two-way bearings can accept two-way axial loads (both can not accept radial loads)
The first applicable adherence frame: steel plate stamping frame, copper alloy or phenolic resin cutting frame, synthetic resin forming frame. The primary use: car steering pin, machine tool spindle thrust cylindrical roller bearing by washer-shaped raceway ring (shaft ring, The Seat Ring) is composed of a cylindrical roller and a bracket assembly. The cylindrical roller is convexly machined; therefore, the pressure between the roller and the raceway surface is evenly distributed to accept a one-way axial load, and the axial load can be large; the axial rigidity is also Strong first applicable shelf:
The primary use of copper alloy cutting holders:
Oil rigs and steel-making steel mechanical thrust needle roller bearings are made up of raceway ring and needle roller and holding frame assembly; thin rolling ring (W) with punching or thick rolling ring for cutting (WS) 组合 组合 非 非 非 非 非 非 非 非 WS WS WS WS WS WS WS WS WS WS WS WS WS WS WS WS WS WS WS WS WS WS WS WS WS WS WS WS WS WS WS WS WS WS WS WS WS杓 蠖 蠖 霾捎 霾捎 霾捎 霾捎 牒捅 牒捅 茏榧 茏榧 茏榧 茏榧 茏榧 茏榧 茏榧 茏榧 茏榧 茏榧 茏榧 茏榧 茏榧 茏榧 : : 媸褂 媸褂
The main use of steel plate stamping and synthetic resin forming holders:
Professional professors of variable-speed tapered roller bearings for automobiles, cultivators, machine tools, etc. pointed out that this type of bearing is equipped with a truncated roller (the large end is a spherical surface); the roller is surrounded by a raceway (shaft, race) Precisely guiding the one-way axial bearing that intersects the poles of the raceway and the raceway surface of the raceway and the roll surface of the roller to the bearing intermediate line to accept a one-way axial load; the two-way bearing can accept the two-way axial direction The load bidirectional bearing cooperates with the shaft in the middle ring; however, because the clearance is used for cooperation; therefore, it is necessary to use the sleeve or the like to axially position the middle ring.
The primary use of copper alloy cutting holders:
One-way: crane hook, oil rig rotary ring two-way: rolling mill roller neck thrust spherical roller bearing This type of bearing spherical roller is placed obliquely; because the raceway surface is spherical; with a self-aligning function; It is promised that the shaft has a number of skewed axial loads to be very large; in the case of accepting axial loads, it is also acceptable to use a number of radial loads.
The primary use of copper alloy cutting holders:
Hydroelectric generators, vertical motors, propeller shafts for ships, reducers for rolling mill rolling screws, tower cranes, coal mills, extruders, forming machines
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