Analysis of work review after NSK bearing equipment

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Analysis of work review after NSK bearing equipment

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2014-06-02

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Job view
After the bearing equipment is finished; in order to check whether the equipment is correct; to check the work. The small machine can be rotated by hand; to recognize whether the rotation can be smooth. Check the project for the work caused by foreign objects, scratches and indentations; Poor; the torque generated by the equipment seat is not stable; the torque is too large due to too small clearance, equipment error, seal conflict, etc. If there is no abnormality, the power can be started.
Large machinery can't be rotated manually; therefore, the power is blocked immediately after the no-load start; the machine is idling; check whether there is oscillation, noise, whether the rotating parts can touch, etc.; after acknowledging that there is no abnormality; enter the power work.
Power work; start from no-load low-speed; slowly progress to additional work for the specified conditions. Check the items in the test work; whether there are abnormal sounds, changes in bearing temperature, leakage or discoloration of smoothing agents, etc. ; should work immediately; view the machine; if necessary, remove the bearing to view.
Bearing temperature; generally can be estimated according to the external temperature of the bearing housing. However, the oil hole is used to directly measure the temperature of the outer ring of the bearing. The bearing temperature is gradually increased from the beginning of the work; the temperature is stable after 1~2 hours. If it is a bearing device Bad; temperature will rise sharply; abnormal high temperature occurs. The reasons are such as excessive smoothing agent, too small bearing clearance, poor equipment, excessive conflict of sealing equipment, etc. High-speed rotation; bearing layout, smooth selection of fault method, etc. Its reason.
The transition sound of the bearing is viewed with a stethoscope, etc.; there are strong metal noise, abnormal sounds, irregular sounds, etc. to clarify the abnormality. The reason is that the smoothness is poor, the accuracy of the shaft or the bearing housing is poor, the bearing is damaged, and the foreign matter is invaded.

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