The difference between imported and domestic PVC sports flooring

In recent years, domestically produced pvc sports flooring has been undergoing technological innovation. Actually, it is basically not an innovation but an imitation of advanced technology. However, this also shows from the side that domestic brands have improved their technology and quality further. However, there is still a gap with international high-end brands.....

The use of glass fiber layers is basically the biggest difference between imported and domestic. Imported pvc sports flooring is generally used glass fiber stabilizer layer to ensure that when the temperature change is too large, pvc sports floor size can remain unchanged. Compared to domestic flooring, low-end products generally use a polyester mesh stabilization layer, or a mixture of a polyester mesh stabilization layer and a glass fiber stabilization layer. Infineon has a slightly high-end product with a glass fiber layer and the price is relatively high.

The difference in surface abrasion resistance. Pvc flooring surface wear resistance is the most important indicator of pvc flooring, is directly related to the life of pvc flooring, although domestic products are constantly improving technology, but in terms of surface abrasion resistance or imported pvc sports flooring is very large gap.

Pvc flooring specifications, domestic PVC roll sheet width is generally relatively narrow, in the 1.2 meters -1.5 meters, while the width of the imported pvc floor is generally 1.5 meters -2.0 meters. In terms of thickness and color, due to the late start of domestic pvc flooring, it appears to be relatively single. In the production of pvc sport flooring, domestic manufacturers started late. At present, some key technologies have not been solved. The number of domestic manufacturers is very small, and even less manufacturers can produce qualified pvc sports flooring.

But also have to admit that the domestic pvc sports flooring in the price advantage or imported brands can not

How are modern steel beam bridges constructed?
Modern beam bridges that can carry road traffic and railroad are made of steel or reinforced concrete which can also be prestressed or post-tensioned. First step in building of a Beam Bridge is placing of cofferdams which are constructed around each column location in the riverbed.

Why is steel used to construct bridges?
Steel is an ideal material for bridges. It is an essential part of modern bridges because it is strong, can flex without fracturing and has a long life, even in the harshest conditions. It can be used to build bridges of any length because of its durability and ease of manufacture and maintenance.
How long do steel bridges last?
Bridges are typically designed to provide 30 years of service. The actual length of service depends a lot on the amount of stress the bridge is subjected to.

Steel Structure BridgeSteel Structure  BridgeSteel  Structure Bridge

Steel Structure Bridge

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