Use of bicycle transmission

Use of bicycle transmission

How to make use of the great advantages of bicycle speed change in cycling, then today we are here to explain the use of speed changing skills in cycling:

First of all, generally a few kilometers of warm-up road can use a slightly smaller ratio of teeth, so that the blood vessels expand, so that muscle activity is open, when the real high speed, the tooth ratio can be gradually increased, with the changes in the situation of the road surface up and down flexible changes However, at the end of the sprint, it is necessary to slightly adjust the ratio of small to large teeth, but at this time we must use techniques to try not to let others notice, so that when the frequency is slightly adapted to the high speed, the last moment of starting the adjustment is lighter because it can be very easy. Suddenly accelerating, sprinting at the fastest rate, leaving all reservations exhausted for the last moment, but the timing must be important.

Because the amateurs have different physical conditions, the weight of the equipment varies greatly (usually the light and heavy cars can have one or two teeth behind and travel at the same pedaling frequency), but the light vehicles are accelerated and The climbing is very good, but it is affected by the wind resistance and the proportion of cars is bigger. Therefore, using light vehicles must have better speed-changing skills to play its strengths. The same heavy and light weight players are the same reason to control their speed changes.

However, the maximum number of teeth and the smaller ratio of teeth are not good. Many enthusiasts think that the largest front and rear are the smallest and can obtain better speed at the lowest frequency. This is actually wrong because the large rotation ratio will cause each Feet are more powerful and less frequent, making the blood circulation slower and more likely to cause muscle hypoxia. At the same time, the 11-tooth or 12-teeth flyers are the least durable of the entire transmission system, and the real ones are used in the next. Slopes at high frequencies and high speeds.

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