Waterproof brands fight against low quality

On the afternoon of November 1, 12 companies, including Beijing Jindun Building Materials Co., Ltd. and Beijing Oriental Yuhong Waterproofing Technology Co., Ltd., voluntarily formed the Beijing Construction Waterproof Industry Integrity Alliance to fight against low-quality products and purify the building waterproof market.

On the same day, representatives of 12 companies jointly signed the “Declaration on the Integrity Alliance of the Beijing Construction Waterproofing Industry” and promised on the spot: “Integrity-based, quality-oriented, safe production, good self-discipline, and resolutely not produce or sell fake and shoddy waterproof material products. 'Non-standard' waterproof material products, safeguard the interests of customers, industry and people's livelihood...' Li Desheng, Chairman of Tangshan Desheng Co., Ltd. made a public commitment to discover that Desheng sells one meter of 'non-standard' materials and rewards 1 million. yuan! It is understood that Beijing Construction Waterproofing Industry Integrity Alliance will implement dynamic supervision of enterprises within the alliance, regulate the self-discipline of enterprises, strengthen the management of production, sales, construction, after-sales service and other important aspects, honesty, quality, industry, safe production, do a good job Self-discipline example, resolutely not producing or selling fake and shoddy waterproof material products and 'non-standard' waterproof material products, safeguarding the interests of customers, industry and people's livelihood, promoting rational and sound development of building waterproofing industry, and comprehensively improving the development level and quality assurance of building waterproof material industry. Level and overall quality level.

Release date:2014/11/10 15:19:09

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