Melt the floor "Let your loved one go home early"

The fusion floor, established in 1996, is a comprehensive business enterprise integrating the production, sales and distribution of wood flooring and wood flooring related accessories. It specializes in producing solid wood flooring, solid wood multi-layer flooring and reinforced composite flooring. 2010 blend floor won the national consumers' trust in the solid wood floor and composite wood floor brand two survey rankings! In the same year, it won the 2010 National Ten Year After Sales Brand, Ten Year Special Contribution Enterprise, 2010 Most Influential Brand, 2010 Technology Innovation Award, 2010 Most Development Potential Company, China Top 500 Brand, and China Famous Brand.

Fusion flooring is a brand with a good reputation in the industry. Over the years, it has devoted itself to the research and development of products and the creative promotion of brands, and has established a good corporate image in the industry. Rong Hui, the founder of the brand, has his own unique insights into the market research of product marketing and positioning. In 1996, the first sales market for blended flooring was selected in Dalian and became one of the companies in the flooring industry that earlier put forward the concept of regulating the market. Industry insiders and major media have highly praised the characteristics of blending the floor with “dare to be the first”, but Rong Hui has put forward such a viewpoint that excellent products are indispensable carriers, and continuous innovation is the means to win the market. .

In the product's production and classification of the concept, the integration of the floor and his team to work hard day and night, for the market's understanding, so that each new brand of this brand will be treated like a star. The brand's “Future Star” series of multi-layer solid wood composite flooring and “Glory Years” series of laminate flooring have achieved impressive results on sales. It is the irreplaceability of product quality that has laid a solid foundation for a record-breaking record.


Warmth and romance is one of the qualities of blending the floor. As a well-known brand in the industry, how can one not change in the fierce market competition? The founder Rong Hui has his own methodical and unique marketing ideas. The history of the blended brand has such a record: the zero complaint floor brand of Dalian Quality Supervision and Inspection; the dual commitment brand of China Timber Circulation Association and Liaoning Province Furniture Association Flooring Professional Committee, and the integration of the floor all the way, Rong Hui’s thinking is clear : "Service is an indispensable condition for winning profits, and integrity is fundamental to the development of a company."

The 15 years of continuous innovation and practice have yielded fruitful results: With the products and unique advertising ideas that are strictly produced in accordance with national standards, the brand marketing of the blended flooring has been winning and winning in the northern market. In 2008, the elegant ROYALLY danced on the screen, more eyes followed his progress, and the fusion floor was also waiting for the next market surprise after completing another round of exciting transformations and gorgeous turns.


Fusion floor price list:

Blended with Dubai style solid wood flooring reference price: ¥ 2680

Inclusive Xinview A reinforced laminate flooring Reference price:Â¥1985

The integration of Louis style A solid wood flooring reference price: 1026

Fusion Napoleon traces parquet Price: ¥ 1025

Fusion William Collection solid wood floor reference price:Â¥886

The fusion of Caesar excellence article parquet reference price:Â¥886

Fusion Victoria parquet Price:Â¥856

Integrate Zurich landmark parquet Price:Â¥836

Convergence to love articles laminate flooring Reference price:Â¥496

Merge Man City Feng Ya parquet Price: ¥ 460

Melting Manchester City Maple solid parquet reference price: ¥ 460

Melting Maple City real wood parquet reference price: ¥ 460

Fusion leader Mediterranean parquet Price:Â¥423

Melt teak parquet reference price:Â¥336

The combination of attractive magnetic reinforcement laminate flooring Reference price:Â¥326

Flooring solid wood flooring laminate flooring furniture

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