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The price of brand cabinets has always been regarded as the benchmark for the price in the industry. The price of the cabinets of European cabinets is also of concern to everybody. In some respects, the price of cabinets sold through Europe can reflect whether the cabinets you purchased are superb. Value, the following will come with Xiao Bian to look at the price of European style cabinets and corresponding styles.

British style cabinets

The pure beauty that goes deep into the heart is not exaggerated, elegant but not proud, making people infatuated and admired.

Reference price: 50000 yuan -80,000 yuan

Lapland Cabinets

To interpret life in a simple, symmetrical design that reflects the beauty of the cabinet, this is LAPLAND.

Reference price: 20,000 yuan -300 thousand yuan

邂逅-Louis Cabinets

The three-dimensional effect of the "four-leaf clover" shape and the tan-colored three-dimensional relief-like stripe texture effect of the West German board and bar countered each other.

Reference price: 20,000 yuan -300 thousand yuan

Basel time cabinets

The quaint ambience is the inheritance of European culture. It shows its calmness and grace and reveals a low-key luxury.

Reference price: more than 80000 yuan

Summarizing: European sent cabinets pictures and European cabinet prices are introduced to this, oh, if you have more European sent cabinet pictures and European sentiment cabinet price confusion, you can leave a small message to the bottom of the oh.

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