Rattan furniture maintenance tips

There are various kinds of furniture in the furniture market, and there are many kinds of furniture. Among them, there are rattan furniture. The preferences of modern consumers are also diverse. People who like the love of rattan furniture have reached the level of obsession. Because everyone is an environmentally friendly and low-carbon family, but it is not enough to love it. We should love it more, vine. Although the maintenance of art furniture is relatively simple, the details cannot be ignored.

As with leather art furniture and fabric furniture, the maintenance of rattan furniture is relatively simple, but the details are hidden in the devil. If you do not pay attention to the correct maintenance method, then your favorite rattan furniture can not have a long life. Today, the small series of Suzhou Home Network will introduce you to some small points of maintenance of rattan furniture.

When using and storing, do not touch and close to the fire source or heat source. Do not expose it to the sun for a long time. Otherwise, it will be easily deformed, bent, cracked, loosened and disengaged, which may shorten the normal service life of the furniture.

The surface of the rattan products and the gaps are easy to accumulate. They can be cleaned with a soft brush or a vacuum cleaner. Pay attention to the dust every day. Wipe with a soft cloth and a light saline. Can effectively extend the life of furniture.

It is not easy to clean after the vine is ash, and the surface dust can be softened with a soft rag. The dust between the gaps should be cleaned with a paint brush or a vacuum cleaner. Do not wipe with a cleaning agent or solvent that damages the surface of the rattan furniture. Avoid washing with water and direct exposure to sunlight to avoid losing the elasticity and luster of the rattan.

Try to avoid contact with corrosive liquids, alcohol, nail polish, etc. on the furniture surface.

Knowing these small maintenance points, consumers who are obsessed with rattan furniture can very well maintain their beloved rattan furniture. Today, Xiaobian recommended two rattan furniture for you to choose from!

Beethoven rattan bed

Beethoven rattan bed

Handmade, without the glitz of gold and silver, using a combination of solid wood and rattan, has a rich curve change, simple and generous, mellow color, dignified, revealing the charm of the charm, its cultural connotation and retro sentiment, interpretation high Taste luxury lifestyle.

Dream home modern rattan sofa

Dream home modern rattan sofa

The quaint colors, the condensed hair, the delicate patterns, and the exquisite handwork make people involuntarily love it.

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