What is the best material of the baseboard?

What is the baseboard?

The baseboard is a decorative line that is easily damaged by kicking at the bottom of the indoor wall and is soiled with brooms, mops, etc., and is specially set at the corners of the wall. Generally, it is tiled, stone, and wood and other materials. There are also a few parts. Direct application of cement directly to the area.

Second, the role of baseboard, baseboard height and baseboard color

1. Prevent wall from deformation and damage due to external force collision

The addition of a skirting line in the house can prevent the wall from being soiled, but it can also make the wall and the floor more securely combined, preventing the wall from being deformed and damaged due to external forces; at the same time, the skirting line can be applied to tile stones, etc. , Easy to scrub, for example, when the owner often drags the floor, it is easy to splash dirty water on the bottom of the wall, so it is easier to wipe clean.

2, the baseboard height to set how much better

Baseboard height to set how much better, in order to obtain better visual effects, the baseboard must be set according to the proportion and functionality, the general baseboard height is 8-12CM high, less than 8CM, The proportion is asymmetric, creating its meaning and visual effect. If it is higher than 12CM, it is too eye-catching and has a feeling of disappointment.

3, baseboard color choice

The color of the baseboard is also selected according to different places. In general, the baseboard is often darker than the floorboard. This is a contrast and can show the effect, but it must be matched with the wall and the functional area. Kitchen and bedroom baseboards are generally not the same. The bedroom is a private space. The kitchen is mainly functional. It is easily soiled. Therefore, in many cases, their colors are not the same. Of course, the space is large and small. The space is not the same, the small space baseboard is generally lower than the large space, such as small space is 8-10CM, large space is mostly 10-12CM.

Therefore, in the home decoration, we must pay attention to the decoration of the skirting line, which is the site where the function and the decoration coexist. It is an important place that plays a role in visual balance. It uses its own linear feel, material, color, etc. Echoing, played a better beautifying effect.


Third, the baseboard material classification and application

1, wooden baseboard

The use of wood baseboards in home furnishings is relatively low, mainly because of the high cost, the difficulty in collocation, and the ease of arching, and their application in some high-grade public places.

2, tile skirting

Tile skirting is the most widely used material in home decoration. He is suitable for various colors and can be decorated in various styles.

3, glass skirting

The decorative effect of glass baseboard is excellent, but there is a big drawback, that is, it is fragile and has a great potential for safety. It is not recommended for the elderly and children in the family.

4, Stainless Steel baseboard

The application of stainless steel baseboards is relatively narrow, mainly due to the high cost of inspection and the single colors, which are now mainly used in modernist styles.

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