Under the pressure of difficulties, how can furniture enterprises stand out from the crowds?

In recent years, due to the adjustment of upstream property policies and other factors, the furniture industry has been inferior to the "city", coupled with the increasing consumer demand for furniture, whether it is a first-line brand or Small and medium-sized furniture companies are feeling unprecedented pressure. In the face of these difficulties, these pressures, how can furniture companies make rapid progress?

Sticking to product quality is the foundation of the development of furniture enterprises

Nowadays, it is the era of quality first. Consumers have requirements for the quality of any product, not to mention the large pieces of furniture. Whether it is a large enterprise or a small enterprise, it is necessary to start from the source to control its own quality. The raw materials determine the grade of the product, whether high-end or low-end, the quality of the furniture must pass. Different grades have different consumer groups, but no matter what grade, only good quality will attract consumers' attention. Product quality is the foundation of furniture enterprise development and the premise of market share.

The quality of the products is guaranteed. How can we let more consumers know what they are doing and buy the products? How do our furniture products come into close contact with consumers?

Grasp the dealers to progress and expand the market

Here, you have to mention the dealers. The dealers are like the tentacles of the big trees, reaching out to various places, bringing nutrition to the big trees, bringing profits to the enterprise. The furniture industry has developed to today, and the requirements of the brands for the terminals are coming. The higher the storefront is from the original hundred square meters, to today's hundreds of squares or even thousands of squares, it can be seen that furniture companies are increasingly demanding dealers' strengths, especially in the first-line market, where first-line brand stores generally At around 10, each store's investment is calculated at 500,000, which is 5 million plus liquidity and advertising costs are almost at least 10 million to start. The developing furniture enterprises must first establish channels. If the channels are not established, how to develop them later is a piece of paper, and it does not make any sense.

Do everything possible to meet the diverse needs of consumers

In addition to quality and dealers, furniture companies have to design different styles of products according to different consumer groups. Young people prefer fashion personality and modern minimalist furniture style, while middle-aged and old people prefer traditional furniture. Enterprises need to investigate and analyze the consumer groups, hit the consumer's demand point, then there is no product that can't be sold.

Perfect service system is the key to ensuring word of mouth

The customer is God, the junior high school students know this sentence, but the knowledge inside is enough to write a thick book. To do customer service is the slogan that every brand is constantly screaming every day, then what is it? The service is clear, and there is a need for systematic customer maintenance. The verbal service is pale. The service system is established from the target customer - the intended customer - the prospective customer - the transaction customer - the customer - the old customer - the loyal customer. The entire customer chain is established at different stages to serve the customer in different ways, so that the consumer is always present. Moved by every detail of the brand.

In general, under the "city", furniture companies must not be eliminated by the market, only seize the market vane, accurately locate, aim at customer needs, and rush forward.

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