The Pearl World Cup invites you to "play big cards"

2014, the World Cup rekindled the flames! This summer is destined to be passionate and passionate! You can see the green grass, the sun is shining, you can hear the hysterical shouts on the court, you can feel the fiery passion of the fans and the 32 teams The intense atmosphere rubs against each other. This summer is destined to be the season of hard work and sweat.

The Pearl of the Pearl helps the World Cup, invites you to guess the game and fuel the World Cup. 32 national teams, who do you think will be the champion? Who will be the peak matchup, kiss the Hercules Cup? Is the last champion "Matador" Spain, or the camp of the luxury host Brazil? 32 who are you? We To learn from the "Octopus Emperor" Paul, use the spirit of entertainment to predict the future! Whether it is a professional fan or a rookie, move your fingers and make your predictions boldly!

If the team you are guessing is in line with the final champion team, you will have the opportunity to receive a set of fine silk quilts worth 699 yuan from the Pearl Furniture.

More sweeping, open the lucky gate network game. The mobile phone and the computer are directly docked, and the movement is synchronized. You stop and stop, and good luck is in your own hands. World Cup toy doll Fulai brother? Or commemorative version of colorful football? Which one do you want? Pick up your phone, scan the QR code on the page and open your lucky door.

The most important thing is that during the World Cup, the Pearl of the Pearl launched the “Be Big Red” game, who is the big name, the peak matchup!

Let me introduce some specials of this event first-----

More surprise prices, go to the specialty stores in the Pearl, you are our super big card!

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