Styroland Ye Liangzhou: The significance of the furniture exhibition is gradually weakening

[Background] On September 3rd, the 32nd International Famous Furniture (Dongguan) Exhibition was grandly opened at the Guangdong Modern Exhibition Center in Houjie, Dongguan. 1245 exhibitors from all over the country gathered in Guancheng, and they competed for each other. . At the same time, the "2014 Chinese Living Room Culture White Paper" initiated by the left and right furniture was launched on the opening day, and was immediately robbed by the corporate giants. And at the completely different furniture exhibitions, what kind of new products will the furniture companies bring to us? It will show you all kinds of wonderful ideas in the 2014 Autumn Show.

Interview time: September 3, 2014

Interview person: Ye Liangzhou, general manager of Styroland Business Development Co., Ltd.

Interview location: Guangzhou International Furniture Fair


】: Ye total, hello! Thank you for accepting our interview. I found that the whole color of this year's Styroland, including the style, seems to return to the classic style, can you tell us more about it?

[Ye Liangzhou]: Let’s talk about the theme first! We are planning this year to think of a very good, very appropriate theme - the best of the best, the most beautiful. Why is it called Feng Feng masterpiece? Because our brand has been 21 years old, in the domestic, especially in the fashion furniture, it is an old brand, has developed to a certain height. So our aim is to strive for excellence and do our best. Especially for some fashion pursuits, our requirements are also very high.

And you can see that all our products are sleek and simple. These are all our pursuits as a fashion product. Why is it called Feng Feng masterpiece? Because this time we launched the main series of free winds, at the same time, in the main series has reached a certain height, and then launched this product series, to re-launch it to the market. In fact, this series is all focused on foreign markets, and next year we plan to promote it in a large scale in China.

The product series is the highest level that we can achieve in the process of product, product style and materials. Before we exported this product to Europe and the United States, so from the material technology and style, Has reached the world's advanced level.


】: So how will Styroland promote these products?

[Ye Liangzhou]: The product series started from last year and started to display this year. We spent two years, including a full year of research and development, and a comprehensive comparison of Italian furniture. I invited some Italian designers to come over and design products. Before I promoted it this year, I also made some tests on the products for the international market, and made relevant adjustments and redesigns for the market-oriented and supporting suggestions. It will be officially promoted next year. This is a responsibility for the vast number of consumers because we want to bring the best products to market.

Of course, we will still do some brand promotion afterwards. Now we have been doing this industry for traditional channels and traditional durable products for more than 20 years, so we will try some new models, such as e-commerce, such as customization. and many more. In fact, we are also the first company to contact e-commerce. We have been co-promoting with Tmall since 2010 and are the first in the sofa category. But the advantage of our products at the time was not online, because the online precision consumer group was 85.

Now after two years of growth, it is now possible to see the potential of Taobao consumption. Therefore, we are strategically correct, but because there are some mistakes in the strategy, we did not force it later, so that Styroland has been tepid on the Internet.

So we have re-adjusted our strategy to make customization a future direction for our business. Because I have just said that after the 85s, 90 will become our consumer theme, what do consumers after 90 pay more attention to? Personalized customization, personalized pursuit, but in the economic development is just the beginning stage, there is this demand, but there is no such ability. But custom furniture can solve many problems. For example, if you install a house, you have to go to a professional design company, and a design fee is incredible. We have now started to work with several leading furniture companies that have done a lot of customization, such as Weishang Group, and European School. They are the same in terms of customization, but their products are relatively simple. It is based on plate type and cabinet products, and software products are still their soft ribs. So we work together, we can complement each other, and our style is the same.

So we have to work together, he learns from us, we learn from them at the same time, what do we study? We learn their custom systems, learn their custom processes, and learn about their various aspects of customization. We plan to launch our own customized system in 2015, in some direct cities in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Shenzhen. In the year, the country will be fully promoted.

Because we are the first company in China to make overall supporting furniture, the decade we have traveled has a certain position in the industry. Therefore, we must seize this trend, especially to customize this trend, to provide us with a better quality and more complete service for our future consumers.


】: Many industry people said that “integration” has become the development trend of the furniture industry, including the integration of product lines, the integration of raw materials, and the integration of design resources. Do you agree with this view?

[Ye Liangzhou]: This is undoubted, because the world is constantly updating and developing. Today, I don’t know what will be popular tomorrow. You see other industries, Wanda Group, Baidu and other three giants began to cooperate. These strong alliances are also resource integration. So what we just mentioned, we are doing with the Weishang Group, and with the European Union, we are also strong and strong, and also the integration of resources, we need their resources, they need our resources. It is essential that this resource integration can bring out your greater potential. Some of the other brands you just talked about, or how the sources are integrated in the industry, are a development trend that no one can avoid. Now it is impossible to go it alone, or you can't rely on your own strength to make a market.


】: Actually, I just walked around and walked from Zone A to Zone B. I found that the popularity of the pavilion in September was still relatively light. Is this a certain relationship with Guangzhou Autumn Exhibition that will move to Shanghai next year?

[Ye Liangzhou]: This is a trend. In fact, since the Guangzhou Furniture Fair has been in more than 20 sessions, we have basically participated in the session. Why go to the exhibition? Is a brand to a certain extent, if you do not exhibit, in the industry, or some dealers, or even the hearts of consumers, there will be some doubts about you, is this year's market decline, the brand is not good, or Enterprises can't do it? So we have to exhibit. However, the flow of people in the exhibition in September this year has been affected in some aspects. Of course, it has an impact on the big environment. There are also some influences from the upcoming move to Shanghai next year. This influence comes from many aspects. Then we think that the era of the furniture industry exhibition will slowly pass, because the previous development will be more channel expansion, find more dealers, franchisees, and more channels, but this way after more than 20 years The development of the market in China has gradually saturated. Now it is time to slowly seek new development momentum, including the resource integration just mentioned, or the question of what route you are taking, not the number of questions you have to open.


】 Will next year's Shanghai Autumn Furniture Fair, Stroudland, pass?

[Ye Liangzhou]: We have plans to go, because after all, Shanghai is a big city. From the previous years' participation and the flow of people in Shanghai, Shanghai is a relatively concentrated exhibition hall for foreign businessmen. Therefore, next year, we will have higher and more expectations in the business of foreign trade, so we will meet us in Shanghai next September.


】: In fact, our home also launched the "White Paper on Chinese Living Room Culture" this year. This white paper provides a statistical analysis of the consumer's understanding of the living room culture in 2014. How do you understand the concept of living room culture?

[Ye Liangzhou]: The living room is the most important place in the whole family. The living room culture is representative of the owner's lifestyle, so it is very, very important. The living room culture shows what people's life claims are. For example, our life experience is the pursuit of brand fashion products, but also the pursuit of leisure and comfort, because at home is a relaxed environment, warm environment, home is a The environment of enjoyment, so the living room culture we pursue is based on leisure, relaxation and simple fashion. It will not be too cumbersome, nor will it be too restrained to give ourselves a space. This is the culture I understand.


】: Thank you, Ye Zong!

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