Vitrified bricks price and maintenance skills

Vitrified tiles are a common type of tiles that often appear with glazed tiles and belong to the category of polished tiles. As we all know, one of the characteristics of the polished tile is its hardness. Compared to other kinds of tiles, the polished tile is indeed the hardest brick type, and the vitrified tile is the hardest among the polished tiles. One, so the hardness and wear resistance of vitrified tiles can be imagined. One of the hallmarks of a vitrified tile is its lightness. And vitrified tiles are common in the bathroom space or kitchen in the interior space. This is another advantage of the vitrified tile , which is its anti-slip performance.

First, the price of vitrified tiles

1, Dongpeng tile Italian wood grain tiles polished tiles YG603903 floor tiles living room bedroom

Specifications: 600*600

Reference price: 58.68 / piece

2, Dongpeng YG802902 floor tiles

Specifications: 800*800mm

Reference price: 203.00 / piece

3, Marco Polo Wall 45028 (interior wall tiles)

Specifications: 316*450mm

Reference price: 212.00 / square meter

Second, glass tiles maintenance skills

The antifouling property of the vitrified tiles is worse than that of the glazed tiles, but if the protective wax is applied on the surface of the vitrified tiles, the antifouling performance of the vitrified tiles can be effectively increased, and protective wax can be applied to the vitrified tiles at intervals to reduce not only the protective wax. The frequency of cleaning will not appear dirty at home, but it will also increase the frequency of use of vitrified tiles to some extent. In general, waxing is only needed once every 3 months.

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