Before the furniture festival, the price of the public is ridiculous.

Near the Spring Festival, many furniture dealers have also cut prices to attract customers, but remind the public, pay attention to product quality when the "fire bar". Due to the reasons for many merchants to clear or retreat, many product discounts have even reached the price cut of “May 1st” and “11”. According to industry insiders, consumers who are scouring furniture from now to the Spring Festival may save 20% to 30% than usual.
Yesterday, the reporter of the Commercial Daily visited the home store in the city and found that many stores had billboards such as “clearance clearance” and “sample clearing”. In the Jiangbei North Kailong sofa brand store, the sales staff pointed to a set of leather sofas with a price tag of more than 30,000 at the door. The price of the clearing is now 5.5 percent. "This discount is lower than the '11'." Similarly, in another A solid wood furniture store, the business newspaper reporter also learned at the scene, a variety of solid wood beds for clearance. For the big promotion of the business, Mao Lizhong, the person in charge of Chongqing Qumei Furniture, told the reporter that in order to welcome the arrival of the peak season of the home market after the Spring Festival, many merchants will choose to store the samples and stocks before the festival in order to make the products smoothly upgrade. Old furniture is sold on a special basis. According to industry insiders, the beginning of the year is the traditional time period for the store to sign contracts with dealers. Some dealers are not prepared to sign contracts with the store, so they will deal with the products. Therefore, many products can offer a lot of discounts, even up to 20% to 30%.
In the face of the “fire bus” thrown by the merchants, Li Peng, the head of the Chongqing Diemo Furniture Market Department, reminded consumers that although the samples are sold, the merchants still have to bear the “three guarantees” responsibility, if the merchants cannot bear the after-sales responsibility in writing. Consumers should not buy it; some samples are likely to have chromatic aberration or cracking due to long time of the field. Some frames and hardware may also be damaged. Therefore, be sure to carefully select and beware of defective products. Finally, consumption It is also necessary to agree with the merchant that if there is a new damage, it can be repaired at home, and once there is a product quality problem, it will be guaranteed.

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