The loss of "foreign gas" in foreign furniture has made great contributions to the "frustration of the ocean"

The negative news of Da Vinci’s “export to domestic sales” suddenly triggered the “bombing” of the “fake foreign devils” by the Chinese people, and thus opened up the “Chongyang” consumption tradition and the return of consumption rationality accumulated by several generations. The contest. The result of the contest will have a profound impact on the direction of China's furniture and even the consumption of all living goods. Since the beginning of the modern civilization, Western technology has been in front of China. A large number of foreign goods have begun to hit the Chinese market in the late Qing Dynasty, so that the most commonly used matches are once called "foreign fires." The refreshing consumer goods, coupled with the worship of Western technology civilization, have created a deep-rooted "Chongyang" mentality in the hearts of most Chinese people. Since the reform and opening up, foreign goods have once again entered the life of Chinese people. Although after decades of hard work, China has become a big manufacturing country in the world, but the brand awareness has not kept up, so that the consumption concept of “foreign high country” has not changed fundamentally. A very common phenomenon is that China's coastal manufacturing industry started from foreign OEM processing, and the mainland's manufacturing industry is mostly the “back garden” of coastal OEM processing. This kind of manufacturing industry that loses control and initiative in the industrial chain is destined to go to the extreme of "Chongyang". The "Chongyang" wind does not only exist in China, but Japan is also a major force in the "Chongyang" team, and it is deeply affected by it. In those days, Japan raised European oil paintings to the apex of a century. Nowadays, the price of this batch of oil paintings has fallen to less than one-third of the price at the time of purchase, and there is no market and no way to get rid of it. The "rich generation" pays for "foreign goods" from the target consumer group. The consumption of Da Vinci products is the group of people who have taken the lead in China, the so-called "rich generation". The rapid and huge number of China's "rich generation" team has greatly changed the global consumption pattern of the world's luxury goods. People have to feel: Is this a powerful release and rebound of the folk show-off mentality that has suppressed the mainstream ideology for many years? ! With the growing popularity of fashion goods such as art, the “foreign brand” of furniture has become an important category of luxury consumer goods in the eyes of the nation, driven by the psychology of “rich ocean” and “show off wealth” among the wealthy class in China. Its status has been elevated to exquisite The height of the artwork. At present, in the country, a set of foreign bedroom furniture is tens of thousands of yuan, and the rich are rushing. "Da Vinci" furniture is to cater to the "show off wealth" of the Chinese people, and Da Vinci, the representative figure of the Italian Renaissance era, "pull the water", so that the lack of culture of the rich generation has greatly decorated a face. The "foreign brand" has become a speculative hotbed for 30 years of reform and opening up, which has caused China to rapidly change from material poverty to over-consumption. The social atmosphere has also shifted from strong regulation to encouraging consumer profits, and the impetuous social mentality of "get rich quickly" has also spread. . This transformation, once combined with the "Chongyang" psychology, provides a "hotbed" for speculation. At present, many domestic enterprises do not do product research and development in a down-to-earth manner, but they try to use the "chongyang" mentality of the Chinese people, and under the banner of "foreign import", they are forged and fraudulent. The common practice of these enterprises is to give the ordinary goods they produce a full name of “foreign flavor”, and then get some gimmicks with foreign countries, and they will wait for the “pending lambs”. Generally speaking, these "fake foreign devils" tend to "slack out" after making a big profit. Therefore, when some people privately evaluate the "Da Vinci" incident, they do not condemn the shamefulness of their fraud, but they laugh at the "stupid" that they do not see well. Breaking the "foreign" depends on the Chinese goods "to force" The occurrence of the "Da Vinci" incident may help people's consumption return from vanity to rationality. However, the breaking of the myth of "foreign goods" still depends on the "power" of Chinese goods. At present, China's state-owned brands are still inferior to foreign brands as a whole. Chinese goods are often given negative impressions such as backward technology, poor performance and poor service. Especially in these years, some domestic enterprises only seek low prices and do not seek quality, so that they can cut corners and even fake fakes. From fake white wines to fake medicines to fake milk powders, news reports of corporate fraud are frequently reported. From a certain point of view, it is these "mouse cockroaches" that make fake letters and fakes, which smashed the "porridge" made in China. For consumers who "vote with their feet", they will naturally abandon some fake and shoddy domestic products and choose the so-called "foreign brand name". Fortunately, at present, some enterprises in the field of home appliances and furniture in China are committed to creating an international brand with connotation and taste based on high quality, excellent service and new design, and have won the respect of consumers. "It’s not too late to make up for it!" Chinese entrepreneurs can only do business with their conscience, and the future of Chinese goods is expected.

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