Yuexing high-end brand Vansworth luxury home integrity door: broken samples when new products to buy

The product was worn out and the color difference business sample was a new product. A consumer complaint on Weibo yesterday caused widespread concern. The reporter contacted the consumer for the first time. Ms. Tian, ​​who lives in Hangzhou, purchased a set of furniture worth 23,800 yuan from Yuexing’s own brand “Van Si Mansion” on March 11th at Hangzhou Yuexing Home Plaza on Moganshan Road. When Yuexing Home sent the whole set of furniture to Ms. Tian on March 18, Ms. Tian and her family found that the wardrobe and several other pieces of furniture in the whole set of furniture had serious quality problems, and there was still color difference and the outer packaging was worn out. When Ms. Naotian asked why the salesperson at that time had this phenomenon, the salesperson said that the wardrobe in the set of furniture in Hangzhou did not have a spot sample for the transfer from the field. Ms. Tian immediately requested a replacement. However, Ms. Tian is worried that the wardrobe that was changed for the second time is still very different from the original product description. The production process of the wardrobe and the style of the whole set of furniture are very different. Ms. Tian felt that the first time the merchant sold the problematic goods to her, there was a phenomenon of fraud, requiring the merchant to make compensation. Yuexing home sales staff went to the two sides to negotiate unsuccessful. The reporter consulted Ma Hongli, a lawyer of Zhejiang Zhiren Law Firm, on the incident. He said that the merchant did not promptly inform the customer when the goods were sold. The sample was indeed improper, but even the sample should guarantee the quality of the product. Consumers can request The merchant gives a certain amount of compensation or return. The reporter tweeted several calls and contacted the after-sales department of Yuexing Home. The other party said that the incident was being processed and it was not convenient for interviews. The author of Weibo has also deleted the Weibo, and the reporter will continue to pay attention to the development of the incident. . Nowadays, "Da Vinci" high-end furniture chaos like Ms. Tian said that the high-end brand that originally bought Van Gogh Mansion is that this brand is the self-owned brand of Yuexing Group, which has confidence in product quality and service. But what she never imagined was that the so-called high-end exchange was so much trouble. Can not help but remind her of the "Da Vinci Home" that was raging last year. Is the so-called high-end is the high price of consumers? In recent years, both the store and the brand have launched high-end cards to cater to the demand of many consumers for high quality. Although the brand has improved in terms of service and product quality, it still does not match the price of its products. Last year's "Da Vinci" incident gave consumers a head-on drink. Many so-called inferior goods were put on high-end outerwear and entered the consumer's home, which caused harm to consumers' safety and health. Therefore, consumers should not blindly pursue some so-called high-end brands when purchasing goods, but should make reasonable choices to put product quality and safety first. When purchasing furniture, there are instructions for purchasing furniture products. You must ask for and view the instruction manual for furniture products. It is a “identity certificate” issued by a regular manufacturer for the sale of qualified products. The manual can not only provide a basis for quality disputes in the future, but also provide a reference for consumers when purchasing, because the specifications must be used to explain the materials, performance, environmental indicators, moisture content and other aspects of the product. However, some merchants will refuse to produce the instructions on the grounds that the instructions are all sold with furniture. You can ask the merchant to provide the sample instructions, which will serve as a reference. The moisture content specification will also indicate the moisture content of the product. Generally speaking, the moisture content indicated in the specification is preferably 8%-12%. The appearance of the knot is more affecting the appearance, so the less the scar is, the better the regular manufacturers will put the crusting in the invisible or inconspicuous place when doing solid wood furniture. Although many furniture are said to have been subjected to drying and degreasing treatment, it is inevitable that there will be irregular drying and degreasing of the manufacturers, which will result in the product and insect eyes. Such products must not be selected, otherwise the phenomenon of insects may be discovered in the future. . Hardware hardware includes hinges and rails. Good solid wood furniture uses hinges and slides of well-known brands, and well-known brands will leave labels or names on the products, remove the drawers, and observe them carefully. In addition, good hardware will also use damping technology, so that the switch cabinet doors and drawers will not produce noise. When buying, you may wish to switch the door and drawer several times. The smoother the product, the better the product. Glass tempered glass is relatively durable, and even if it is broken, it will be broken into granules and will not hurt people. Ordinary glass is not only thin, but also transparent, very transparent, and tempered glass looks a bit fuzzy under certain light, not as transparent as ordinary glass. About the high-end civilian furniture brand of the Vanss Mansion Moon Star Group, it is an American classical furniture rooted in the soil of European culture. The design features of the brand abandon the tedious carvings and glitz that the Baroque and other styles pursue, and return to the re-recognition of the origin of classical culture. . The overall design style is atmospheric, calm, emphasizing simple, clear lines and elegant, decent, and graceful decorations, emphasizing the natural beauty of the material itself. Van Gogh's luxury products highlight the calm after the glitz and the acceptance and recognition of multiculturalism, embody the pursuit of inner quality of life, convey a simple, casual and multi-functional design idea, so that the family becomes a release of pressure and liberation of the soul. Pure land.

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