Home network marketing is becoming more and more popular with 81% of home business profits

The production and distribution enterprises of furniture are mostly small and medium-sized family enterprises. Compared with other mature industries, the overall management level of the furniture industry is low, the contemporary marketing management awareness is poor, and there is no systematic market competition strategy and management method. Most enterprises choose a single comparison. The competitive approach that emerged was a low-level competition. According to the understanding, the traditional furniture retail mode is mainly based on booth leasing business. The furniture producers do not directly contact the consumers, but only sell the products to the dealers in a wholesale format, which is difficult to control the price of the furniture market. The dealers rented a lot of places to renovate the storefront, and because of their own cheap considerations, they are reluctant to minimize profits, which makes the promotion of goods in traditional home shopping malls difficult. At this moment, dealers are not able to provide the best after-sales service to consumers because of their own quality and operational strength. Consumers and contractors themselves cannot escape from embarrassment. Facts have proved that this business model is difficult to ensure the rights and interests of consumers, and can not meet the needs of the market. According to the understanding, in order to optimize the shopping price, many consumers began to experiment with new acquisition formats, such as online group purchases, factory direct sales, etc. It is not difficult to see that the traditional dealer-based sales model is facing challenges and has become an issue. fact. In order to fill the traditional sales channels, and in order to save the high rents paid to the stores, some producers began experimenting with chain operations, and soon attracted the industry to cheer. Many corporate owners said that the furniture chain operation will It is the only way for furniture marketing in recent years. According to industry insiders, the chain management features are distinct, and the chain operation is extended to the furniture industry. There is still a sense of freshness and strangeness in front of us. In fact, this business model has been popular in the world for more than 100 years. As early as 1865, the American Singer Sewing Machine Company began the franchise chain operation, and gradually became the operating organization format of the retail, catering and service industries. Chain management has the advantage of clarifying the scope of the economy, realizing the scope of benefits; the brand and service awareness is fierce; the advanced method can be used for standardized management. This business model first puts new and higher requirements on the producers: sharing a brand and building an image together, manufacturers must not only have unique products, sales and services, but also have the ability to maintain this advantage. To ensure the healthy and steady development of the chain system. As a franchisee, in the operation, we must comply with the requirements of the manufacturer, unify the store name, uniform purchase, uniform price, and unified service. In other words, the merchants only need to comply with the uniform requirements of the manufacturers; clone; it can be, not only concise, but also Under the glory of the manufacturer's brand, it is easy to achieve the effect of the integration of spirit and meat, and the future is endless. In addition to the chain business model, home network marketing is also becoming more and more popular. This situation is not only affected by the intensification of market competition, but also the factors that businesses are eager to break through. The reason why the market is deeper is that consumers' consumption views and essentials are changing. An inquiry showed that 81% of home businesses in front of the company were profitable in the online sale last year, and 76% of the merchants' online sales in the previous year were also profitable. For the results of this inquiry, the responsible persons of various shopping malls expressed their approval. A well-known brand furniture Chengdu total sales said that in fact, as early as the first two years, some strong companies began to notice network marketing, but at that time the website played a role in promoting corporate visibility. Now that the market is different, Volkswagen has begun to really focus on tapping the essential value of online marketing, and expects to get better new channels with less entry.

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