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1. Supply polypropylene particles; purchase polypropylene pulverized materials. Free consultation phone: 4007450268
2, supply LDPE recycled particles, first-grade white material, second-grade white material, first-grade flower material, secondary flower material, the price is 6000-9000 yuan / ton. Free consultation phone: 4007450268
3. Shandong Dezhou Xingguang Rubber & Plastic Products Factory recycles TPU scraps, recycles TPU waste, and supplies TPE pellets of various colors. Free consultation phone: 4006315850
4, supply of waste plastics, shoes, old clothes, summer clothes, sweaters, down jackets, all kinds of old clothes, flowering materials; buy old clothes. Free consultation phone: 4007450223
5, buy pp tape trim, urinary wet trim, pp pearl film, pp non-woven space cotton. Free consultation phone: 4007450057
6. Long-term supply of PP trademark paper broken materials, PVC trademark paper broken materials. Free consultation phone: 4007450072
7, buy PET / PE transparent composite, PET / PP composite, PET plastic sheet. Free consultation phone: 4007450318
8. Long-term high price purchase of low nickel, medium chromium dust ash, oxide scale; supply of 201 stainless steel raw materials, nickel pig iron, nickel ore, large quantity and excellent price. Free consultation phone: 4007450116
9. The company supplies silicon-carbon alloys and purchases waste silicon powder. Free consultation phone: 4007450175
10. Long-term purchase of flame retardant PP, PC, ABS, PC/ABS; supply of flame retardant PC, ABS. Free consultation phone: 4007450053

        Established in 2005, Forever Chemical Co., Ltd is a custom synthesis manufacturer, which headquartered in beautiful city Jinan, Shandong Province P.R. China. As an ISO 9001:2015 certificated company, Forever has a safety management system in place. It produces a wide range of chemicals to satisfy customers` needs. A greater percentage of Optical Brightener orders are now shipped the same day of receipt, especially yellow Optical Brightener OB-1, green optical brightener OB-1. Forever Chemical has established a global network of customers from many research centers, pharmaceutical companies and chemical factories.

        Generally, in the production process of good water-based ink coatings, the Fluorescent Brightener OB is used. Fluorescent Brightener OB not only increases the whiteness of the ink, but also increases the brightness of the ink. Fluorescent brightener OB-1 improves the grade of the product.

CAS-No.-1533-45-5-PVC-Optical- brightener-OB-1Factory-Direct-Supply-CAS-No.-1533-45-5-PVC-Optical- brightener-OBFactory-Direct-Supply-CAS-No.-1533-45-5-PVC-Optical- brightener-OB-1

         Forever Chemical has experienced experts, excellent manufacturing equipment, and a advanced R&D center. It owns the ability to provide optical brightener, Yellow Optical Brightener OB-1, Green Optical Brightener OB-1 from a few grams to kilograms, even to tons. And it also provides custom synthesis service, to help its customer with its best efforts. In Forever Chemical, we care about the quality and success of our customers` projects as if they were our own. We are committed into providing fluorescent brightener OB with reliable quality, competitive prices and superior service to our customers.

Free-Samples-High-PurityOB1-optical-brightenerFluorescent whitening agent OB

Yellow Optical Brightener FP 127 (FBA 378)

Yellow Optical Brightener OB-1,Optical Brightener For Plastic,Yellow Powder Optical Brightener Agent,Optical Brightening Agent OB-1

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