Colorful candy kitchen cabinets can also have my style

In the kitchen cabinet decoration, colorful candy colors give people a relaxed and pleasant feeling, making cooking also has been a lot of people's favorite, this period Xiaobian to recommend a few candy color cabinet design, to understand together It.

Editor Comments: UV paint door cabinet with white quartz stone countertops, highlighting the modern fashion concept. The cabinet operating area is designed as a T-shape, and the dishes after cooking can be placed directly on the island table in the middle, which is very convenient. The storage cabinet on one side is symmetrical and the middle is designed as a transparent glass cabinet so that the yellow color is not too strong.

Xiao Bian Comments: When you see this kitchen, the first thing that catches your eyes is definitely the two cool crystal purple islands. The whole kitchen, the exposed brick walls, the rustic wood floors and the purple islands are very clear and distinctive. The yellow, blue and green pots and pans on the cabinet islands It adds more and more fun. Did you notice the color of the closet door in the distance, just echoing with the colors of the two island stations, which served to extend the line of sight and make the space seem coherent.

Xiao Bian Comments: The simple style cabinet with beautiful fashion, affordable positioning to meet the owner's needs, to create the most perfect kitchen space. The combination of red and white highlights a lively and vivid space atmosphere, combined with the classic interpretation of the craft characteristics, based on the Chinese style, digging out a unique new Chinese fashion concept, leading the trend.

Editor Comments: This pink kitchen cabinet is simple, simple and comfortable, with youthful beauty, in a simple and powerful design, highlights a strong texture; thick black island wide with pink cabinets, the overall color is very full , full of tension, strong texture, quite unique urban fashion style, just as Chanel's exquisite people unforgettable.

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