How to choose wall paint color wall paint color selection skills

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How to choose the color of the wall paint in the home wall decoration is a problem that the owners are entangled. The following small series introduces how to choose the color of the wall paint in the three home areas such as the living room, bedroom and children's room.

First of all, we must have a certain understanding of the color, the color has a warm and cold, in general, red, orange, yellow is warm, blue, green, purple is cool, and black and white gray is the middle. In the home decoration, the choice of warm color wall paint will give a warm and romantic atmosphere, creating a happy atmosphere, while the cool color will make people calm, making people feel that the house space is large and imaginative, but Sometimes the cool color will make people feel depressed, so in general, the wall is more white, and the white can be reflective, and the interior is brighter.

How to choose the color of the living room wall paint?

The living room is used to receive guests, friends gathering, family leisure, and is the place that best reflects the character and taste of the owner. In order to meet the requirements of a family's leisure and meeting, the layout of the living room is particularly important. It must be solemn and meet the requirements of different age groups. Under normal circumstances, if the living room is to use a large area of ​​color, it is recommended to choose a neutral color. It depends on the decoration style of the entire living room, which is determined by the style of the living room decoration. The color of the living room wall paint in the middle color system is easier to layout and match, and it is easy to arrange a solemn and elegant living room, which can meet the people of different ages, and the color of the warm color or the cool color wall will be displayed when used in a large area. personalise.

How to choose the color of the bedroom wall paint?

The bedroom is a place to rest and sleep, and it is necessary to create a quiet and laid-back atmosphere. Therefore, it is usually a color with a relatively high purity and a high brightness. Most of them are mainly warm colors, such as beige, light orange, pink purple and so on. For a bedroom with good light, the partial use of dark color can better reflect the personality of the room. Imagine the lazy morning, the sun shines into the room, and you can see a piece of pure blue, or green, with a bright eye. At the beginning of the blink of an eye, I was pleased with the mood of the day. If it is the color of the powder, it is not only glaring, but also has no vitality, so the color has a great relationship with the lighting of the room, but it is not necessary to use the red color such as red, the place to rest. To be quiet, when you need to rest for a tired day, if the feeling is lying on the quiet lake, the breeze caressing, how quiet it feels.

How to choose the color of the children's room wall paint?

For children's rooms, the color of the girls' room and the boy's room should be different. The color of the children's room must avoid the calm color of the living room. The color does not care much, don't care about the purity, the choice of color for the growth of children. Helpful, childhood dreams are colorful, the color can make people cheerful and lively, so you can be bold when choosing the color of the kids room, don't use the eyes of adults to replace the children to choose the color, usually pay attention to observe them like What color, what animal, what hobbies, and the bold use of these elements in their rooms, I believe that the choice of room decoration is what children need, it really helps them grow.

Of course, we have to consider the choice of the color of the wall paint. Don't just consider the wall decoration. You can try to work hard on the soft clothes. Sometimes, even if the wall is blank, just match the soft colors and other aspects. Good, perfect combination of soft and hard clothes, can also create a perfect home space.

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