2015 Shenzhen Home Furnishings Show grand opening to design the beauty of artistic life

July 26, 2015, a four-day 5th Shenzhen International home accessories exhibition opened at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. As the only independent jewelry exhibition in the home decoration industry, this year's home decoration exhibition will be the most successful in the theme and form of the exhibition. The top exhibitions in the home decoration industry, led by design, procurement and learning, will enable people to bring more new enlightenment and reflection to the home furnishing industry in China while experiencing the unique and beautiful lifestyle.

The Shenzhen International Home Furnishings Exhibition has been held for five times. From 2011 , the new home and home integration model for the home decoration industry will be built, and in 2012 , a better communication platform between exhibitors and designers will be created. 2013 in order to "make life more love Shenzhen design" as the theme of the new perfect combination of design and trade show, to "fun in display art world" design and business model in 2014 until today, in 2015, Shenzhen international home Jewelry exhibition continues to develop and innovate, bringing together the trend of home and new home furnishing at home and abroad as well as the top domestic home design masters, analyzing the future home design direction, guiding the industry's deep thinking collision, and continuing to lead the development of China's national decoration and design industry.

Soft furnishings show the magical living space

On July 26th and 27th , in the forum area of ​​Hall 1 , Taiwan designer, Yu Rong International Co., Ltd. Design Director Chen Yuyi, Houfu Design Consultant and founder of Damu Art Design Institute Hong Yani, Shenzhen Tiangong Story Installation Art Design and Development Co., Ltd. Director and Art Director of Art Yi Nan and other 10 female designers, respectively, "Eurasia style", "Song language ?" Tea, "Golden Phantom", "Art Life, the West Meets the East", "Old Time, New Deduction", "Cloud ?" Flower ? The six themes of "Flower" will be launched on-site space matching show, they will use the magic of space, will leave a blank room, recreate the space with ornaments, and bring you into the world of home furnishings! Experience the differences between Chinese and foreign home culture and appreciate the design trend of the international frontier!

Collision of design thinking to promote the in-depth development of the furnishings art industry

In addition, Hall 1 will also have a contemporary life and fashion design summit forum, which is another deep thinking collision of national home design. 5 designers from the design community Qiuchun Rui, Yi Copper Hua, Chen Jin, Nie Jianping, Sun Shaochuan for different design space / plane / furnishings / building, etc., around three topics "2015 Art Display Fashion Watch - contemporary life and cutting-edge design "" concerned about China Art display industry system development trend, "" original design in China - difference at home and abroad, "a lecture and discussion in simple terms, the thrust noble design culture, promote quality of life values!

Explore the new mysteries of design

Continuing the past, the organizers of the exhibition organized a group of designers from all over the country to visit the famous designer studios in Shenzhen and Hong Kong and discuss design cases. The collision of thinking with learning communication as the main line will stimulate more design inspiration, and design and conservation guide the new trend of home decoration trend.

Soft window display design contest

The 5th Shenzhen International Home Furnishings Exhibition soft decoration window design exhibition contest, 20 jewelry companies use the elements of the mix and match, re-interpretation of the original, to create visual impact and exclusive temperament as the first element, give space stories and themes, create a A collection of inspiration, personality and art, all kinds of furnishings styles are here to make a difference, to jointly reflect the trend of the new season!

Wonderful and continuous industry celebration design feast

At the Convention Center, Hall 9, July 26 to 28, 2015 MAISON & OBJET Paris home accessories will bring the trend of conference room 2015 world sixth "Decoration role model room" Design Competition, 5th Shenzhen International Home jewelry show - gold Xi Awards, Shenzhen furniture industry Association 2015 furniture industry market analysis will be, why can custom furniture winning traditional furniture workshop Tuba rabbit: Shenzhen international Exhibition home accessories large oriental aesthetics Gathering exchanges Game 6 Classic events interpret home trends in multiple dimensions.

Diversified style pavilion Interpretation of the beauty of home culture

The exhibition changed the traditional design concept, and the main exhibition halls with various styles adhered to the concept of fashion life, including European and American style pavilion, romantic pastoral style, luxury style home, Mediterranean style home, modern style home, Chinese classical style home, Home decoration hall, light decoration hall, etc. Different theme content not only inherits the simple and practical essence of traditional furniture, but also perfectly integrates the diversified style into different exhibition halls, so that the viewers can travel through time and space like ancient and modern, just like entering the dreamy home design ocean.

The transformation of trade channels has created a one-stop shopping chain

For jewelry manufacturing, household daily necessities, building materials and bathroom cabinet manufacturing, distribution and distribution industry and lighting industry, the organizers will join hands with HC TOP10 buyers in the home furnishing industry (purchasing buyers of 20-100 million jewelry), and hold trade with jewelry companies. At the same time, at the same time, the exhibitions of 32 jewelry companies will be facilitated with low discounts to make the purchase price more affordable and transparent. At that time, more than 300 home decoration brands gathered at the scene, and thousands of home improvement designers and tooling designers came to the scene to jointly purchase, and the momentum was magnificent. A huge selection of products, transparent prices will be at the show.

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