Be careful to step on the home decoration trap inventory cabinets to buy misunderstanding

Although the cabinet installation is going to be completed in the whole stage of home decoration, the cabinet purchase must be prepared in advance. Many young friends are keen on the cabinet, hoping to choose the color avant-garde and exaggerated cabinets to highlight the personality. Some "coming people" experience tells you that the cabinets are mainly practical, and the shape is just a little embellishment. In the actual selection, many people will fall into these traps. As a result, the cabinets that have been bought for 10,000 yuan will become furnishings. Let's count the misunderstandings in these cabinets together.

Trap one: cabinet planning into a problem

1, after the renovation and then buy the cabinet: cabinet installation is the last step, many people have the misunderstanding that the kitchen is finished and then buy the cabinet is not too late, the results until the cabinet is in place, it is already a few months after the renovation, eager to stay in the friend I will be very annoyed. More importantly, the cabinets are only booked after the renovation. The styles that are seen may have to be abandoned because they cannot match the gas, water pipes and other locations.

Jiu Ge has something to say: before the decoration, please measure the size of the cabinet manufacturer, determine the style and model of the cabinet, reserve the pipeline interface in the cabinet, and also need to accurately expose the pipeline when decorating, so that the cabinet can be installed.

2, the more the more useful the cabinet: the kitchen space is limited, many owners think that as many cabinets as possible, so that the kitchen has more storage space, but too many cabinets not only occupy the activity space, but also make the kitchen appear heavy and depressed .

Jiu Ge has something to say: Generally speaking, the kitchen cabinet occupies no more than 1/2 of the kitchen floor space. Once it is over, the kitchen space will become crowded. In addition, the ratio of the cabinet to the cabinet is not more than 1:1.3. The best, the distance between the wall cabinet and the floor cabinet is about 650-700mm.

Trap 2: Pay attention to the appearance of the cabinet

1. Ignore the functionality of the kitchen: Many young friends pay more attention to the appearance of fashion in the choice of cabinets, ignoring their most practical functions - storage, and even after the cabinets enter the home, there are many "unexpected" things, no place to put, various The sundries are stacked in the kitchen, and the stylish cabinets are also a foil.

Jiu Ge has something to say: small appliances, all kinds of pots, tableware knives, seasonings and staple grains are all items that must be stored in the kitchen. Such a large number of pieces and pieces, the most needed is a storage cabinet with powerful functions. Therefore, the storage function is preferred when purchasing cabinets, and the appearance is second.

2, "sample first" mentality: some friends choose cabinets, after looking at a brand to go to the store to go around a circle, select the style to place an order, thinking that this will be done? In fact, the store color cool sample cabinet, there are It is not the case when moving to the house, the effect of the cabinet will be affected by the environment, lighting and decoration of the kitchen.

Jiu Ge has something to say: the model cabinets look gorgeous in the lighting and bright environment of the store, but the most ideal selection criteria is to choose the color of the cabinet according to the style, color, lighting, size, etc. of the kitchen. Material. Such as: the kitchen is not recommended to use the edge of the exaggerated cabinet products; Chinese kitchen is not recommended to use the complex carved door panels.

Trap 3: Details are not important

1. Believe in the brand: Generally, when choosing cabinets, consumers are advised to choose a regular brand, but it does not mean to blindly believe these brands. After all, “no traits are not business”, many brands will cooperate with a certain brand. The slogan, but consumers are not sure whether they really have such cooperation, or even the quality of these products is reliable.

Jiu Ge has something to say: While choosing a regular cabinet brand, it is also necessary to carefully examine the quality of the cabinet, which is generally identified by the processes of plates, countertops, drilling, and edge sealing. Good cabinet plates and countertops are strong and wear-resistant, and the drilling and sealing are very fine.

2, hardware accessories are not important: cabinets are one of the most used building materials, the quality of hardware accessories directly affect the service life of the cabinet, some owners do not understand this truth, the purchase only pay attention to the quality of the appearance, plates and countertops, The longer the results are used, the more the hardware is the main reason for the dilapidation of the cabinets.

Jiu Ge has something to say: When choosing a cabinet, you can first look at the hardware accessories brand it uses. The quality of the general hardware accessories will also affect the price of the cabinet. If the economic conditions permit, you can use the hardware with slightly higher grades to make the cabinet. More durable.

Trap 4: Ignore the actual quality of the cabinet

1, credulous "environmental protection" certification: related to the use of sheet metal, the environmental protection of cabinets has also received consumer attention. As long as you go to the store for a circle, you will find a lot of "all environmental protection", "E0-class cabinet", "anti-collision strips to avoid formaldehyde release", etc. In fact, many of them are merchant hype, after consumers buy It was discovered that these so-called "environmental" knowledge was a concept.

Jiu Ge has something to say: the environmental protection of cabinets is related to the environmental performance, processing technology and installation technology of the board. From the practical point of view, 100% environmentally friendly cabinets are difficult to achieve, and they are still certified by China Environmental Label. The "10-ring certification" shall prevail.

2, the selection panel only looks at the surface performance: now the performance of the cabinet panel is more and more, waterproof, fireproof, no scratches, etc. These properties are actually the surface properties of the panel, and the actual use of the panel is the most important. Many consumers who don't understand are blinded by these performances, ignoring the substance.

Jiu Ge has something to say: cabinet panels generally have solid wood panels, plywood, large core panels and other materials. It is the most important thing for consumers to distinguish the density and quality of cabinet panels. It is also a necessary condition for selecting good quality cabinets.

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