Jiuzhi Plastics Network talks about the advantages of plastic flooring

Plastic flooring, that is, flooring laid with plastic materials. Plastic flooring can be divided into two types: block (or floor tile) and coil (or floor leather) according to its state of use. According to its material, it can be divided into three types: hard, semi-rigid and soft (elastic). According to its basic raw materials, it can be divided into polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic, polyethylene (.PE) plastic and polypropylene (PP) plastic. The following is a small series of Jiuzhi Plastics Network to tell you about the 9 advantages of plastic flooring:
1. Waterproof and non-slip: The surface is made of high-density special structure. It simulates wood grain/marble pattern/granite and other grain lines. When it meets water and is not slippery, home paving can relieve the safety concerns of the elderly and children. Its characteristics are unmatched by stone and ceramic tiles.
2, super wear-resistant: the degree of wear resistance of the ground material depends on the material and thickness of the surface wear layer, not just the total thickness of the floor tile. The surface of Pvc floor covers 0.2-0.8mm thick polymer special material and high wear resistance, which is the longest service life of similar products. Comparing a thin layer of transparent film on a composite wooden floor or a layer of glaze on a tile is really more than that.
3, light weight: the weight after construction. It is 10 times lighter than the wooden floor after construction, 20 times lighter than the tile construction, and 25 times lighter than the stone after construction. It is most suitable for buildings and office buildings with a height of more than three floors. Reduce the weight of the building, ensure safety and ease of handling.
4, the construction is convenient: no need for cement sand, no need to move wood, special glue to paste, fast and simple. There are many kinds of products, such as plate rock, marble and wood grain, which are freely matched, save time and effort, and OK once. Good flexibility: special elastic structure and proper foot feel, providing the family with the highest guarantee of daily life.
5, good thermal conductivity: heat conduction takes only a few minutes, heat dissipation is uniform, there is no cold feeling of stone, tile, winter is barefoot, not afraid.
6. Convenient maintenance: It can be scrubbed with a common water mop. If it is stained, it can be cleaned with an eraser or thinner.
7, green and environmental protection: non-toxic and harmless, no side effects on the human body, the environment, and does not contain radioactive elements, is the best ground building materials.
8, fire retardant: through the fire test, leaving the fire source is automatically extinguished, life safety is guaranteed.
9, acid and alkali resistance: through various professional instructions test. Moisture-proof, insect-proof, and not afraid of corrosion.
The above are the nine characteristics of plastic flooring. This article was written by Xiaozhi.com . For more information, please visit

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