What are the tips for purchasing an infrared dome camera?

[ Huaqiang Security Network News ] Learning to buy products is also a technology. At the same time, in order to let everyone quickly master the purchase skills of infrared domes, we have summarized the four elements.
Infrared ball machine
First, the impact of the overall internal structural materials on the quality life of the ball machine
1, the ball machine as a 24-hour work engineering monitoring equipment, the motor gear is very important, there are 70% of the plastic gear used on the market, such gear friction, large time, the pre-made position is not allowed. The motor friction is increased and it is easy to burn out. As a core component, this is very important. We use the metal rigid imported cloth into the motor, the copper gear level, high precision and long life.
2. The whole rotating pan/tilt structure of the ball machine must also be a steel mold, so that the long-lasting Yuntai high-speed operation will wear small and durable. Pre-made position is accurate. In order to save costs, many ball machines on the market have not considered the problems of interference and service life in the future. This is why the price of the dome is different.
Second, the importance of infrared ball machine infrared lamp design
1. The infrared ball machine must not be the traditional plastic fiber PCB board because the infrared lamp circuit is a very special circuit structure. Because in the process of illuminating the infrared lamp, under the same voltage and current, the high temperature that can not be emitted by the general illumination lamp can be generated, so that the core temperature of the wick of the infrared lamp cannot be dissipated, which is a common problem of the 90% ball machine on the market, plus large In order to enhance the infrared effect, some manufacturers blindly increase the number of infrared lamps on a large scale, in order to achieve the current and voltage that the oversized infrared lamps can normally carry, thus accelerating the heat generation of the infrared lamps, and in the short term. Illumination. However, it severely ruined the normal life of the infrared lamp. In addition, the spheres are all plastic, and the infrared panels are also made of fiberboard. Some of them are also plug-in infrared lamps. The core temperature of the main heating infrared wick is gathered here. This design is tantamount to killing chickens and taking eggs. The aging speed of the infrared lamp will increase in the short-term burn-in.
2. Although some manufacturers have designed a large number of fans behind the infrared lamp to be air-cooled, but only the lamp foot and the plastic package are blown, the wick of the infrared lamp cannot be blown at all, and the problem of the core temperature of the wick cannot be solved. As a result, the infrared light is emitted in a small range and the temperature is rapidly increased. Our infrared ball is designed with a full line of infrared light board double-layer pure aluminum-based circuit boards. All infrared lamps are piranhas and original Taiwan Dingyuan infrared lamps. All lamps are equipped with wick heat sinks. The whole patch is attached to the metal base plate, which effectively solves the problem of infrared temperature of the infrared lamp core. Like the thermal design of a computer CPU. And the reasonable distribution and matching of three angles of infrared lamps. The illumination angle of the infrared lamp can follow the movement of the camera, prevent the infrared blind angle, and supplement the light source with each other, and solve the problem that the ordinary infrared ball on the market has insufficient brightness at night, whitening, large dry spots, and dim scenery. It is precisely because of the different materials used, the diversity of various designs will increase the cost.
However, in the face of today's competitive products, most manufacturers can only choose to save money, inferior materials, shoddy, and occupy the market at a price. But can't stand the test of time. Often the limitations of those designs will be revealed in three months and three months.
Third, the important rotating device and power supply system of infrared ball machine<br> Because infrared ball machine as a new type of newly developed monitoring product, many manufacturers simply add the constant speed ball high speed ball without infrared before. A part of the infrared lamp enhances the night vision effect, and does not consider the actual current output of the circuit and the stability of the circuit operation. The infrared lamp itself is a high-power light-emitting element that consumes a lot of electricity. This will increase the load on the entire circuit. Especially when working at ultra-low temperature, there will be a crash. When the decoder board and the all-in-one power supply are insufficiently powered and restarted, the quality of the dome and the stability of 24-hour monitoring are seriously affected.
Fourth, the product after-sales and quality assurance <br> Must purchase the original manufacturer's products. The products that are directly produced at the factory price not only have strict production quality control and price advantages, but also have strong technical maintenance services in after-sales processing. No one wants a ball machine to find a seller for only a year and a half, and after sales is very important.

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