Does Marble Have No Radiation How to Reduce the Damage of Natural Stone

Many owners like to decorate the house with marble, but the radiation problems with natural stone make people feel headaches. So the owners asked these questions: Is there any radiation in marble ? Is there a serious consequence of radioactive elements in marble? If the radioactive elements of marble can have serious consequences, why does the home improvement market allow large quantities of natural stone? Here we will take a look at whether there is radiation in the marble , and teach everyone how to pick the natural stone with low radioactivity and the least harm to the human body.

Is there any radiation in marble?

Marble radiation has always been a much-controversial issue. Does marble have radiation? Is marble radiation harmful to the human body? According to expert analysis, in the natural world, natural radioactivity is an objective reality. Similarly, natural stone products contain radioactivity in many cases. The key is to see if it exceeds the national standards. However, marble is relatively low in stone, and relatively speaking, natural marble has higher radioactivity than artificial marble, and dark marble has higher radioactivity than lighter ones.

If the scope of use of stone in home decoration is small, then in general, the radioactivity of natural stone will not cause damage to the human body, so natural stone that meets the requirements can be used. However, in order to be assured, there are no radioactive safety licenses to choose from when choosing stone, and choose according to the stone's radiation level. China divides natural stone into A, B and C decoration materials. The scope of sales and use of Class A decoration materials is not limited, including the use of family room renovations; if it is a "B" value, it indicates that it cannot be used for family room decoration, but can be used for the interior and exterior decoration of all other buildings; if The value of “C” (ie, high value of radioactive radiation) cannot be used for interior decoration of various buildings and can only be used for exterior decoration of all buildings. Class B and Class C decoration materials cannot be used for interior decoration. Therefore, it is best to choose A type for the stone that is laid in the room, and each type should have a corresponding inspection report.

What are the main radioactive materials in natural stone?

It is said that natural stone contains radioactive substances that are extremely harmful to the human body. What are these radioactive substances in the end? What harm to the human body?

Although marble and granite are noble and noble, they are also prone to helium and other radioactive gases, causing harm to the human body. Rn, Ragon, with an atomic number of 86. Natural radioactive element, inert gas, colorless and odorless gas. The solid enamel is blue and shiny. Radon is a decaying radium of radium. At room temperature, Radon and its daughters can form radioactive aerosols in the air and pollute the air. They are easily trapped by the respiratory system and accumulate in the lungs to induce lung cancer. Sputum is the leading “killer” of human lung cancer and the second factor that causes lung cancer other than smoking. The World Health Organization lists it as one of the substances that cause cancer in humans.

How to reduce marble radiation?

1, window ventilation

If more natural stone is used in interior decoration, in order to avoid being harmed by radioactive substances, the easiest way is to strengthen indoor ventilation and keep indoor air fresh as much as possible; of course, for the sake of safety, it is better to have an environmental test. Experts assess and control indoor air quality and radioactive material content.

2, choose to touch less place decoration

In life, radiation is everywhere, computers, mobile phones, and household appliances are everywhere. Therefore, the radiation of a small area of ​​marble does not actually harm the human body. In the decoration, any decorative material has natural radioactivity, and it is harmful if it exceeds the standard. Generally speaking, marble is used in floating window countertops. The background wall is used more. If there is concern about radioactivity, consumers can choose to use stone in public areas such as the living room dining room and use them as little as possible in the bedroom.

The above is about whether there is radiation in marble and how to reduce the hazards of natural stone. It's a simple introduction here, and I hope to help you. After reading this, did you know about the radiation of marble and how to reduce the hazards of natural stone? In fact, in life, there is radiation everywhere, so long as it is within the scope of the standard, the impact on most people is not great. We just need to pay attention to it. For more information, please visit this website. Stay tuned.

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