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Recently, it was learned from Hefei University of Technology that the research team of the school has made important achievements in the yttrium aluminum garnet series LED fluorescent materials and their light color control mechanism, which provides an important means for further improving the performance of LED fluorescent materials.

High-power LED devices are widely used in home and outdoor public lighting. However, when LED lighting sources are used for a long time, brightness will appear and color drift will occur. Associate Professor Chen Lei and Professor Jiang Yang from the School of Materials Science and Engineering, Hefei University of Technology launched research on this issue. Through a series of experimental methods, combined with theoretical calculations, they gave a new explanation for the eigen mechanism of spectral red shift, intensity reduction and thermal stability deterioration caused by Gd ion substitution. Due to the large radius of Gd ions, the electron cloud extrusion deformation occurs in the rigid structure of yttrium aluminum garnet, which causes crystal field enhancement, electron effective mass reduction, electronic spreading level range expansion and band gap reduction, which leads to a decrease in luminous efficiency. Reduced with thermal stability. Recently, the research results were published in the journal Science Report of the British magazine Nature.

According to reports, this theory not only scientifically explains the luminescence phenomenon of yttrium aluminum garnet phosphor after Gd substitution, but also has important guiding significance for the development of new rigid structure fluorescent materials. “In the future, we can guide the development of artificial gemstone crystals with specific color, giving more colorful colors, such as various synthetic diamonds, sapphires and rubies. It not only exhibits high light transmittance and light reflectivity, but also can be customized to make it light. Eye-catching." Associate Professor Chen Lei introduced.

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Copper chrome interior wall faucet, also called Copper chrome Pipe embedded faucet, in Putie tiles before to pipeline embedded into the wall, leaving the mouth and rain water outlet temperature in advance and export, depends on the specific buying styles depending on the installation technology requirements are relatively high. The advantages of copper chrome plated Inner Wall Faucet are beautiful, concise and save space. Therefore, many family bathrooms will be installed Copper chrome Pipe embedded faucet, such sanitary products, high-end hotels will also be installed. After all, the copper chrome plated interior wall faucet can greatly improve the quality of the hotel, but also save room space.

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