Cabinet, are you right?

Today's kitchen is more than just a cooking space, it is also given a place to enjoy food and relax. When the kitchen space of a house has been fixed, we can only sit on the "appearance" of the cabinet. When we are visiting the building materials store, we often see and hear "one-shaped cabinets", "L-shaped cabinets", "U-shaped cabinets"... What kind of cabinets are right for your home?

"-" shape: best for narrow spaces

The layout of the kitchen is usually determined by the space, and the narrow kitchen usually has a "one" shape. The linear structure is simple and clear, saving space. Just follow your own habits and put the cooking, cooking and cleaning areas from left to right or from right to left.

If the space is wide enough, you can also consider the "double-shaped" layout. On the side of the narrow wall on both sides, the cooktop and the cleaning area are arranged in turn, while the other side can be set as a cooking area or a storage area. The design is the favorite of professional chefs.

"U" shape: the most holistic function

The "U" shaped cabinet should be a more mature option. From the design point of view, the washing area, cooking area, operating area, storage area can be clearly divided, after all, the space is relatively wide. This design is the most comfortable to use, all kinds of kitchen appliances can be designed in general, and the overall effect is also in place.

The “U”-shaped pattern requires a large area of ​​the kitchen and a sufficient width. Generally, a larger kitchen is recommended for this type of design or island design.

"L" shape: the most reasonable operation layout

"L" shaped cabinets are currently the most used category, which has a lot to do with the division of kitchen space in the building code. The kitchen is generally 4 to 6 square meters, and the "L" shaped cabinet is the best choice. The design is generally based on the specific kitchen conditions, the basin and the stove are placed on the L-shaped side as much as possible. If the kitchen is large, it is recommended that the distance between the basin and the stove should be adjusted accordingly, generally 90 cm to 120 cm.

Some "L" shaped cabinets, the two drawers under the cooking area are storage space, and the top drawers can be pulled out to form a multi-functional drawing table, which becomes an "F" shape, effectively expanding the kitchen. space.

Island shape: the most stylish kitchen life

The island-shaped cabinets are the most fashionable design at present. With the increasing space of the kitchen, the single-line cabinets in the traditional sense can no longer satisfy the modern people's pursuit of the quality of the whole kitchen.

There are two types of islands. One is the island that is connected to the whole cabinet. It can be used as a console or as a minimalist design. Instead of making a cabinet under the island, put a few bar chairs and provide a The host can also communicate with friends on the platform during the operation. The other is an independent island platform. This design is used in large kitchens. It can be used as an independent basin, an electric ceramic oven console or a bar on the island.

T-shaped: the most enjoyable life

The most distinctive feature of the T-shaped design is the construction of a holistic dining table in the middle of the cabinet. The T-shaped cabinet simplifies the design language, the intricate T-shaped structure, the extension of the work surface, and the perfect blend of the kitchen and the dining room.

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