The kitchen and bathroom ceiling should be selected as moisture-proof

In today's decoration, a variety of ceilings are widely used in the living room, kitchen, bathroom and so on. Although the installation of the ceiling is a professional worker, the owner should not neglect the safety of the ceiling and do the necessary supervision.

First of all, pay attention to the choice of materials. The decorative materials used for ceilings, walls and floors should be flame retardant materials and fireproofed.

In addition, it is necessary to strictly follow the construction specifications. When installing, it is necessary to supervise the installation position of the workers and whether the connection is firm. Electrical lines such as lighting should be laid in the ceiling, and should be operated in strict accordance with the specifications to avoid fire hazards.

In the kitchen and bathroom, the ceiling should be made of metal, plastic and other materials. Try to use materials that do not absorb moisture. If other materials are used, the ceiling should be protected against moisture, such as painting.

Nowadays, many household ceilings are not equipped with manholes. Once the pipeline equipment in the ceiling is out of order, it cannot be inspected and cannot be repaired. Therefore, it is better to install a manhole for the ceiling in which the pipeline is laid. The manhole can be selected in a more concealed and easy to inspect area and artistically treated, such as in combination with a luminaire or ornament.

If a glass or light box ceiling is used, use safety glass. It is very characteristic to use the colorful colored glass and frosted glass as the ceiling, but if the materials are not properly used, it is easy to cause a safety accident. In order to be safe to use, safety glass, tempered glass and laminated glass should be used in the ceiling and other parts that are easily impacted. (Source: New Culture News)

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