China Plastics Network talks about the use of bubble film

First let's take a look at what is a bubble film . Bubble film, also known as air cushion film, air bead film, bubble film, bubble film, air cushion film, is a kind of anti-pressure, moisture-proof and shockproof chemical product used for packaging filling. It has good shock absorption, impact resistance, heat sealing, non-toxic, odorless, moisture-proof, and good transparency. Bubble film is widely used in manufacturing and industry, and its main purpose is to package products. However, many friends may have less understanding of the bubble film. Today, the plastics industry website of China , Jiuzhi Plastics Network, will take everyone to understand the use of the bubble film, as follows:

China Plastics Network talks about the use of bubble film
1. Bubble film can be used for mechanical parts packaging. Many machines are damaged during the packaging because they are worried about hitting hard objects. Therefore, when the manufacturer sells the packaging, some mechanical parts are placed in the bubble film to ensure the safety of the mechanical parts.
2, bubble film can also be used for the packaging of glass products. For example, some of our common glasses, crystal objects, etc. are often packaged in bubble film during the packaging and sales process. The main purpose is to ensure the safety of the glass products, so as not to be severely damaged by external impact during handling. damage. And this is one of the main uses we often use when using bubble film.

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