Chlorpyrifos to control pests and diseases must grasp the best period

Chlorpyrifos can control a variety of crop diseases and insect pests. To use chlorpyrifos to control pests and diseases, it is necessary to master the allocation of chlorpyrifos for different crops. In addition, we must grasp the best period. Let's take a look at Xiaobian.

1. Fruit tree pests : Before the larvae of the first-instar larvae, use 960-1200 times 48% chlorpyrifos EC + 1000 times Tianda 2116 (fruit tree-specific type) fine spray.

2, wheat aphids: 40.7% chlorpyrifos EC 50-75 ml, spray 40-50 kg of water (per mu).

3, prevention and control of underground pests: before sowing, using 3% chlorpyrifos granules per acre 2-4 kg, can effectively control pests such as cockroaches, crickets, and tigers.

4, soybean heartworm: 40.7% chlorpyrifos EC 75-100 ml spray on water (per mu).

5. Sugarcane Aphis: 40.7% chlorpyrifos EC 20 ml spray on water (per mu).

6, citrus leaf miner: 40.7% chlorpyrifos emulsifiable milk 1000-2000 times liquid spray. (per acre).

7. Cotton bollworm: 40.7% lesbian emulsifiable concentrate 100--169 ml, spray 40 kg of water (per mu).

8. Rice blasting 40.7% chlorpyrifos EC 60-120 ml spray on water (per mu).

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