How Automatic Switching Streaming Technology Is Applied to Network Monitoring

In network monitoring systems, broadband is the number one source of information. Many high-smart network products use a series of compression methods to make them even more powerful, even with the best compressors.

In the network monitoring system, broadband is the “first in charge” of obtaining information. Many high-intelligent network products use a series of compression methods to make their functions more powerful. Even with the best compressor method, broadband is still valuable. In order to make the screen displayed by the network video surveillance system more comprehensive, is there any alternative way?

What we are explaining to you today is the "Automatic Switching Streaming" technology. This is a newly developed function of the network monitoring software. It needs to be used in conjunction with a network camera or an online video server to have better results. The following Xiaobian will take everyone to understand the technical functions.

Currently, dual-streaming is installed in both network monitoring systems. This powerful function can generate two streams at the same time. We usually divide it into high stream and low stream.

In the network monitoring software, the function of “single screen display and automatic switching to main stream” is enabled. When monitoring multiple channels of images, the monitoring software is connected to a low-resolution stream. The space occupied by each image is very small. Its implementation is used in many monitoring systems and can meet the requirements. If you zoom in on a certain road image, the software will automatically change to a high-resolution stream and the displayed image will be clear.

Taking the monitoring of 36 screens in a certain area as an example, it takes 0.8M×36=28.8M to occupy the broadband space before using the “Automatic Switching Stream” function, and only needs to occupy the bandwidth 0.3M×36=10.8M after use, which saves 18M. bandwidth!

Therefore, the "Automatic Switching Streaming" technology not only satisfies the needs of more users, but also saves more bandwidth. In addition, after installing this kind of function in the network monitoring system, the requirements for the computer itself have also been reduced a lot, which is the best of both worlds.

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