Magnetic focus Hall electric propulsion system completed delivery will be verified on the high-orbit satellite

The reporter learned from the Fifth Academy of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation on the 10th that a satellite magnetic focusing Hall electric propulsion system developed by the Institute 502 has successfully completed delivery in recent days, and its performance indicators meet the overall requirements, and the electric propulsion system will be realized in the high-orbit satellite. First flight verification on.

The system adopts a new generation of Hall electric propulsion technology, which represents the current mainstream development direction in the world, and can be widely applied to satellite platforms such as China's new generation communication and all-electric propulsion. Its development has successfully realized the integration application of such systems on high-orbit satellites, and proposed a complete electric propulsion safety technology covering products, subsystems and whole stars.

Compared with China's first-generation Hall electric propulsion system, the new-generation magnetic focusing Hall electric propulsion technology has significant advantages in specific impulse, efficiency, and plume divergence angle. Compared with foreign similar products, Mao Wei, the chief designer of 502 magnetic focusing Hall thrusters, said that the performance of this set of electric thrusters can be increased by more than 20% in terms of specific impulse and efficiency.

At present, the new generation of magnetic focusing Hall electric propulsion in the world only completes ground verification and has not completed on-orbit flight. Gao Jun, director of the 502 magnetic focus Hall electric propulsion system, said: "The development of this set of magnetic focusing Hall electric propulsion system will break this situation and realize the first flight verification of the electric propulsion system on the high-altitude satellite."

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