CQ engineering magnetic pump failure and troubleshooting

CQ pump magnetic engineering plastics in the use of the process, there may be some glitches, the user should learn to handle these glitches in order to allow the pump to work earlier. Now to say CQ engineering magnetic pump failure and troubleshooting. CQ engineering plastics magnetic pump CQ engineering plastics magnetic pump failure and troubleshooting methods cause of the form of failure to exclude the cause of the pump 1, reverse the pump 2, the first intake pipe leakage 3, the pump chamber too little water 4, the voltage is too high, start When the coupling slip 5, the suction stroke is too high to change the motor wiring to prevent leakage increased water storage voltage is adjusted voltage low pump installation location flow less than 1, intake diameter is too small 2, impeller runner blockage 3, lift is too high 4, Too low speed Turns the inlet pipe to clean the impeller Large outlet valve to restore rated speed Low head 1, excessive flow 2, too low speed off Small outlet valve to restore rated speed noise is too high 1, the shaft serious wear and tear 2, the sleeve serious wear and tear 3 , Drive the magnetic cup and contact with the isolation sleeve Change the pump shaft Replace the sleeve Remove the pump head Reassemble the leakage O-ring damage Replace the O-ring Further reading: Pumps Valves Tube Fittings Exhibitions 2016 Exhibition Information Industrial Internet (Xiamen) Ltd. On: pump Asian network editor: Yao Xiaoxia (QQ / micro letter:) http://beng.liuti.cn/ (service hotline:)

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