What is the working principle of water source heat pump heat exchanger?

[Asia Pump Network News] Water source heat pump in many families have emerged, the application is also more and more popular. Now to say what is the working principle of water source heat pump heat exchanger. Water source heat pump heat exchanger Water source heat pump heat exchanger Working principle Heat exchanger is a kind of energy-saving equipment to realize the heat transfer between materials in two or more fluids of different temperature, is to make the heat transfer from the fluid with higher temperature To the temperature of the fluid, the fluid temperature reaches the flow of the target set to meet the process conditions, but also to improve energy efficiency of the main equipment. Water source heat pump heat exchanger is based on water as a heat source can be cooling, heating cycle of a heat pump-type unitary air-conditioning unit, when heating water as a heat source and cooling water as a heat source. It uses either cold (hot) wind or cold (hot) sources circulating through water in a common pipeline, water extracted from wells, lakes or rivers, or water circulated in underground coils as cold (hot) sources ) Water equipment; includes a use of heat exchange equipment, compressors, heat-side heat exchanger equipment, with a single cooling or cooling and heating functions. Further Reading: Pumps Valves pipe fittings Exhibition 2016 Exhibition of Information Industry, Internet (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd. Author: Asian pumps Network Editor: Yao Xiaoxia (QQ / micro-channel :) (service hotline:)

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