Basic knowledge of pesticides

Pesticides are closely related to the production of farmers' friends. Therefore, farmers must master some necessary pesticide knowledge. Today, Xiaobian summed up some basic knowledge about pesticides. Let me study together.

Classification and role of pesticides:

Insecticide : An agent used to control harmful insects. Such as the elimination of sweeping and so on.

Acaricide: an agent used to control harmful cockroaches. Such as Kruth, quick ketone and so on.

Bactericide: An agent used to control phytopathogenic microorganisms. Such as frost urea manganese zinc and so on.

Nematicide: An agent used to control phytopathogenic nematodes. Such as Miller and so on.

Herbicides : Medicaments used to control weeds in the field. Such as weeding and so on.

Rodenticide: A drug used to control rodents. Such as bromadiolone, enemy sodium salt and so on.

Molluscicide: an agent used to control harmful molluscs. Such as the prevention and control of snails, cockroaches and other mollusk gates.

Plant Growth Regulator - An agent used to regulate, <promote or inhibit) plant growth and development. Such as ethephon (for ripening), gibberellin (used to stimulate growth), chlormequat (for inhibition of growth), 902 and so on.

How to use pesticides

1. Bt powder, green worm, and acaricidal bacillus in biological preparations are a kind of commonly used bacterial pesticides, and their insecticidal action is related to the quantity and activity of bacteria. It requires a suitable temperature of 20 to 30 ° C, the humidity needs to be larger, and it is required to avoid direct sunlight. It is best to apply it in the morning or evening when there is dew or on a cloudy day. It is worth noting that the mixing of such pesticides with fungicides will greatly reduce their activity.

2. There are many pesticide varieties that are stable in acidic and neutral media, but are easily decomposed in the presence of alkali. Such pesticides include cytotoxic, anti-virus cockroach, mancozeb, keering, chlorhexidine, carbendazim, jinggangmycin, rotenone, chlorpyrifos, phoxim and pyrethroids. Therefore, such pesticides cannot be mixed with alkaline pesticides such as ketone, Bordeaux, sulfur suspension or stone sulphur, otherwise the efficacy will be reduced.

3, can be killed, copper cream, copper sulfate, copper oxychloride and other copper preparations are a more common type of pesticides. However, there are many pesticides such as methyl thiophanate, carbendazim, dexamethasone, mancozeb, benomyl, and thiram. They cannot be mixed with copper preparations. If mixed, it will reduce the efficacy. half.

4, some pesticide varieties such as dixon, phoxim, rotenone, see light easily decomposed. Therefore, you should try to choose cloudy days, or use it sooner or later. For example, the use of phoxim spray is only valid for 3 to 5 days, but it can be applied to the ground to control underground pests. The validity period can be as long as 1 month.

5, melons, beans are relatively sensitive crops, dichlorvos, ethylphosphonium, diclosan, phoxim, insecticidal double, disease-killing should be used with caution on melon crops; dichlorvos should be used with caution in legumes , trichlorfon, insecticide double, disease and other diseases.

More pesticide knowledge, please pay attention to China Pesticide Network

Application: used in AKD Emulsifier

Product TypeCassava Starch imported from China

Chemical composition: Tapioca starch

Appearance:White powder

Moisture ( % ): â‰¤ 14.0

Spots ( a / cm2): â‰¤ 2
Viscosity: 20 ~ 50 s (20%, 40 °C, 4 # Tu's cup)

pH value: 6.0 ~ 7.5

Toxicity: No harm to human health during operation and use

Storage: Store in a cool , dry, ventilated warehouse

Nature: white, gelatinization in low temperature , good fluidity , viscosity stability, aging resistance , the film is good , strong bond , fast drying . Products with low protein content , gelatinization liquid not perishable , no foam , no smell. Good adhesion properties of various fibers , high compatibility with other additives . For AKD emulsifier, the rational use of the product can effectively ensure emulsifying effect and reduce production cost.

Dosage: Production of one ton of 25% emulsifier simply add 192kg of the product
Packing: 25 kg / bag.

Product Introduction :

Specification of AKD Special Starch


Applied to the AKD emulsion

Production type

Modified imported cassava starch from Thainland

Chemical component

Cassava starch


White powder



Speckle per cm2


PH value



≥98 %(100Mesh fineness)




20~50 s( 20 %,40 ℃,4#Tushi Cup)


Harmless to human


In cool, dry and ventilated warehouse


High whiteness, low pasting temperature, good futility, ageing resistance and film-processing ability, strong bond stress, quick to dry;low protein content, the paste is difficult to decay, foam free and free from extraneous odor;good adhesiveness to fiber and good solubility with other aiding agent. Used in AKD emulsion properly and guarantee emulsion effection and cut cost.


192kg for 1ton of 25% emulsion

Packing and transportation

25kg /bag

AKD Special Starch

Akd Special Starch

Akd Special Starch,Oxidized Starch,Starch For Akd Emulsifer,Cassava Starch

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